sitting quietly

Do You Not Hear What I Don't Hear?

"Dubbed “the hermitage” by the brothers of the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in Northeast Washington, the space has no WiFi, TV or radio, and its occupancy limit is one. It’s been booked nearly solid since it opened in October." And you can stay there for either "only" $70 a night or "a whopping" $70 a night.


On Boredom

"No one longs to be bored, but, if I am a useful example, as one grows older, one often finds oneself more patient with boredom. Pressureless, dull patches in life — bring them on. I recently read two very well-written but extremely boring novels by Barbara Pym — A Glassful of Blessings and A Few Green Leaves. She is a writer I much admire, and I found myself quietly amused by how little happens in these novels. A Few Green Leaves contains the following sentence: "'It is an art all too seldom met with,' Adam declared, 'the correct slicing of cucumber.'" —And nowhere in Joseph Epstein's excellent essay on [...]