Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

Greetings from McDonalds. I pooped in their washroom and now I'm stealing their Wi-Fi and I DIDN'T EVEN BUY ANYTHING.

A long, long time ago, The Hairpin sought out writers far and wide to ask them, “Hey, what’s actually in your bag right now?” We’re bringing back this feature, because it seemed way more polite than waiting until you go to the bathroom at the coffee shop to rifle through your shit. Here's the crap that I am lugging around with me RIGHT NOW.


Natalie Eve Garrett, What's in Your Bag?

Natalie, when you stop cooking and painting, please tell us about No. 11.


The 10 Least Inspiring Sentences on This Lululemon Tote

1. Children are the orgasm of life.

2. Visualize your eventual demise.

3. Take various vitamins.

4. Live near the ocean and inhale the pure salt air.

5. Observe a plant before and after watering and relate these benefits to your body and brain.

6. LOVE.


Maria, What's Actually in Your Handbag Right Now?

Maria "Meteorologist" Molina, what's actually in your purse right now, as you prepare to ring in 2012 on television?


Jordan Roberts, What's Actually in Your Handbag Right Now?

Men: so strong and mysterious. They're always going into and out of buildings, riding bikes, taking meetings, and eating pizza standing up — but what do they carry along with them? Jordan Roberts, a.k.a. commenter whizz_dumb, boldly goes where no man has gone before, which is to the depths of his daily backpack, so we might be enlightened, Pulp Fiction-style, about its glowing interiors. "Hahaha almost a man purse, never a bro bag?" he says. "I just made that up, bear with me…" We will, Jordan.


Jaya Saxena, What's in Your Bag?

Jaya, when you finish that Qream Qasserole, please show us.


Chiara Atik, What's in Your Handbag Right Now?

If you're curious about participating in or even imagining participating in that Bloomsday Dublin-trip-and-reading-club mentioned yesterday, here's what one of its organizers carried around with her [several weeks ago]. Chiara "Ulysses" Atik, what's actually in your bag right now?


Nicole Cliffe, What's in Your Bag?

Nicole "Reading" Cliffe, what are those crazy-looking horse books?


Anna Breslaw, What's in Your Bag?

When Anna Breslaw isn't taking surreptitious photographs of Connie Britton, she's dumping out her purse and photographing it for this very website. Some say she doesn't do anything else. Is that true, Anna? Anna, can I have a cigarette?


AHP, What's Actually in Your Handbag Right Now?

Do you ever wonder what Anne Helen "Classic Scandals" Petersen carries around with her? (Are you ever *not* wondering about AHP?) In any case, AHP, what's actually in your bag right now?