Tiananmen Square and Tank Man, 25 Years Later

Liao Yiwu at the New York Review of Books writes on the 25th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square:

On the night of June 4, there were almost a million unarmed “violent criminals“ trying to stop the army. At first, tanks and armored vehicles broke through the barriers. And then they opened fire, and everybody was screaming. Every shot drew blood; people were mowed down like weeds.

[...]Tank Man was not one of the student leaders, he was no intellectual, nobody had ever heard of him. He left behind this short scene, an indelible historical icon, and then some people led him away by the arm. No one [...]


Protest the NYPD Rape Acquittal

Anyone who's not too thrilled about the NYPD cops' rape acquittal yesterday can and should join the protest in New York today from 5 – 7 p.m. (More info about the case and protest here.)


"You've Put My Chuff in a Huff!"

If you're in London tomorrow, check out the Muff March, a protest against the "obsession with removing pubic hair" and surgeries to create "designer vaginas?" That rhymes one way in the UK, and another way in my uncle's house. [Thanks, Emma!]


I Finally Get Occupy Wall Street

Agreed! In general, yes, this sign, forever. [via]