Reinventing the Oldest Profession

Narratively, on sex workers and sex work activism:

Doff, for instance, who is currently pursuing a creating writing M.F.A. and has written a blog about her work as a stripper, says she was recently rejected for a job cleaning animal cages after the veterinary clinic learned of her past.

“I’m like, really—I can’t clean up cat shit because of something I did thirty years ago?” she recalls, incredulously.

There are some really powerful/funny/scary/thoughtful narratives here (that's the naaaame!), don't miss it.


Mixing Greek and Latin Roots Is Wrong

Venerable leftist online periodical Alas! A Blog (it's been around for ten years, which makes it practically the Bank of England) has a piece about how same-sex marriage is very, very different from poly marriage, which does not necessarily work as a polemic. That's a fabulous t-shirt, though.


Objectivism at Night

In case you missed it 45 years ago, that woman everyone is talking about right now was on The Tonight Show. Here's part two. [via]


Miss and Mister D.C.

"Smith says he could give up alcohol and caffeine but couldn’t live without his Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers and Gummi Bears." —In case you missed it, there is so much to love about "Capitol Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People."


Vote! Vote!

Just as a reminder, today is the last day to register to vote! Vooote.


HBO Yes, Todd Akin No

Ask, and ye shall go back in time to receive.

In appreciation, there will be no angry post about The Newsroom today. See, HBO, how we can help each other out? One shirtless pic of John Gallagher, Jr. with "Hey, Ladies of the Hairpin" in lipstick on his chest, and the posts could stop for good.

Instead, you may use this comment thread to discuss The Todd Akin Situation, which would be a great name for a queer punk band. See also: "That Whole Thing."


It's Your Moment, Prof. Goldstein

All the really important things you've always wanted to ask the one guy who knows things about what Joe Biden does:

“So, what does a vice-presidential scholar do all day?” I asked when I reached him at his office, no doubt cluttered with the letters of Garret Augustus Hobart. “Do you wait around in case something happens to a presidential scholar?

“Do you consider yourself a heartbeat away from presidential scholarship?

“Do presidential scholars send you to the funerals of foreign presidential scholars?”

You will not get answers to those questions, though, so don't get really excited.


On Speechwriting

Why don't politicians write their own speeches?

It's obviously completely bipartisan; it just happened to strike me when reading the Politico coverage of Romney's Tampa appearance, which has as its central claim the idea that the perfectly serviceable speech prepared by Peter Wehner was ditched a week out from the convention and was then, well, "cobbled together by Stevens and Romney himself." (The horror.) We're a far shot from Abraham Lincoln, pounding out ten perfect sentences on the train, even if Pericles did deserve a tip of the hat for that one. Coolidge is believed to be the first President to employ a professional speechwriter, but what [...]


Team Jane(s)

Jane Austen does not adhere to your ideology.


A Tour of the DEA Museum

Reason, whose longstanding coverage of drug policy issues is uniformly excellent, offers us a guided journey through the truly ridiculous treasure trove that is the official Drug Enforcement Association Museum.