Tips For Taking On the Summer

Summer is a mere three weeks away. Don't get caught with your pants down.


These are the same as indoor movies but you have to spend no less than three hundred dollars at Trader Joe's first. On the group text your friends have inevitably jailed you in, tell them you're bringing a good blanket.

Susie: who's bringin cheese, i bought crackers

Laura: ill bring cheese, i have wine too

Ingrid: homemade quinoa salad and a fruit plate! xoxo

Tori: i picked up a growler of beer and some chips/salsa/guac. so ready for this, ladies!


[1 minute later]


Scientifically proven to be one thousand percent [...]


Unsolicited Endorsement: Doodle Dot Com

If there are at least two things having a group of girlfriends is good for, it’s fun get-togethers and having a full inbox. Because one cannot happen without the other.

You know the drill. It’s someone’s birthday, or the gang hasn’t gotten together in a while, and thus it’s time to pick a date on the calendar for everyone to go out and drink some wine and crush some guacamole and catch up and talk some shit while the guys sit at home wondering why they never go out and have fun like this with their friends (it’s because they’re not organized the way we are). But then the [...]


My Ideal Weddings, By Age

My ideal wedding, age 6: The ringbearer is a puppy, the cake is chocolate. The wedding is held in a beautiful old church because beautiful old churches are where all people get married—even Jews from New Jersey.

My ideal wedding, age 9: Basically, it’s The Princess Bride but starring Michael J. Fox as Westley, me as Buttercup. And plenty of unpoisoned wine at a mostly traditional feast, except that there’ll be a whole lot of chicken fingers.

My ideal wedding, age 12: Themed weddings can be quite fun and unique. My wedding will be Broadway musical-themed, just like my bat mitzvah. My future husband will rescue me from some ogre [...]



Gorreto, population: 105, was always small, but now the tiny village, nestled in a river valley in northern Italy, is on the brink of extinction.

Most of the remaining residents are over 60 and the primary school attended by Mayor Sergio Capelli, 72, closed about 30 years ago – a stark example of the nationwide demographic decline as Italians live longer and have fewer babies.

"To witness the slow death of the valley makes me sad," says Capelli, a retired railway engineer who hopes to attract people to the town by organising cultural events. "I am trying to save all these villages," he says.

Idea: Let's all move to these [...]