The Story of Menstruation, as told by Disney

"But don't let it get you down. After all, no matter how you feel, you have to live with people. You have to live with yourself, too!"

That was advice on dealing with cramps, but also can be applied to life, you know?

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Neat, Design Your Own Maxi Pad

Kotex is running a new campaign called U by Kotex in which you're encouraged to design your own fashion pads, design your own fashion-pad-carrying tins, and create a virtual inspiration board from which to draw further inspiration for ever more fashionable maxi pads. I've posted mine to the left. It's really nice, no? Nope. But I entered it in their "Ban the Bland" design challenge, and if I win I'll get to design maxi pads with Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field. Feel free to enter, as there's no way anyone can beat me.

And here's Patricia in a loopy video that mentions nothing about making [...]


"Yeah, I got it. It's so red."

The geniuses behind Camp Gyno are back with "First Moon Party," a riff on period parties. [YouTube]


Most Women "Uncomfortable in Social Situations" While Having Their Periods

They want us to talk about our periods! All day today, and for the rest of the month, nonstop. Feminine hygiene company SCA describes this pro-menstruation campaign — which they're calling "Period." and devoting to everyone everywhere — like so:

During a 28-day run we will encourage women and men across the world to break the taboo surrounding menstruation by talking about it in different channels. On our Facebook page ( we have gathered all the information regarding the survey, so please visit this page and read more about the project. We will also use Twitter for the project under #period.

Regarding that survey, they also sent [...]


My Period Takes Me Shopping

Last week, out of nowhere, my period arrived at my apartment and insisted we go shopping. It showed up just as I was settling in for a hard day of studying, or pretending to study but actually Googling “recent UFO sightings – real.”

“LET’S GO SHOPIIINNNGGG!!!” my period screamed.

I grumbled but ultimately agreed, because I've come to accept that what my period wants, my period gets. (Except for making out with pirate Johnny Depp, rolling around in the sand with pirate Johnny Depp, and discovering buried treasure with pirate Johnny Depp — to pay for grad school!)

Together we headed to the mall. My period tried to steer me [...]