Has anyone been to a Tupperware party lately? How did you score an invite? Also: THOSE NAILS.


Show Your World to Me

Overheard at a party (same girl!):

1. "Fifty Shades of Grey is the Zumba of books." 2. "I masturbated multiple, multiple times to "Crash Into Me" while thinking about my camp counselor."


New York Meetup on Thursday

Just a reminder that this Thursday, April 26, Hairpin readers are meeting up at Professor Thom's in the East Village from 7 – 10 p.m. It'll be in the reserved area on the second floor — just come in and look for the staircase. Then walk up it! See evvveryone there.


Hairpin Meetups Update

There's now a little button at the top of the page, below the search bar, that links out to the Hairpin Meetups Google group, where anyone/everyone can organize and discuss future internet-to-IRL get-togethers. For instance, there appears to be one happening in NYC tomorrow night, at 8 p.m. at the Magician, as well as one in Jerusalem on February 3 at the Waffle Bar. Go to both!


'Pinup Roundup

Who is sick of sitting inside on a nice warm, comfortable, warm, not cold couch? Let's GTFO, together. This Friday your e-friends will be hanging at Hi-Fi in NYC from 6 P.M until question mark. Winnipeggers are meeting at Stella's on Portage at the U of W this Saturday afternoon at 3 P.M., Melbourne folks will be at The Moat on February 22nd, and go to Joe's Inn in Richmond, VA after 7 P.M. on February 7th for a possibly life-changing evening. If you're not near any of these joints, you can easily plan your own party over here.

Oh, and also, how are you identifying yourselves [...]


'Pinup Roundup

Make some friends before you find out all the people you would've made friends with this summer actually have boats and loads of frequent flyer miles they couldn't get rid of fast enough. Either that or they are very sweet, loving people who will save your life someday. Either/or! San Francisco would like to see you at 6pm on June 2nd (that is tomorrow!) at Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. You're so silly, SF. Portland, Melbourne, DC, and Cleveland — among many other locales — have soirees in the works over here. And if you have created a Hairpin Facebook group for your area, please let us [...]


Twitter Parties

The world recently began spinning very, very fast, did you feel it? Suddenly I had a baby and then that baby had a baby and when the world slowed back down to normal speed here I was with generations of offspring, no clue what's going on, and surrounded by people — including The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the LAPD Chief of Police — talking about "Twitter parties" like they're different from regular parties that you use Facebook or email or texts to invite people to and you should know that since everyone has been to them and can smell them from a mile away like NeNe did the [...]


10 Good Themes for Hosting a Recurring Movie Night

This post is welcomely sponsored (again) by Skinny Cow.

1. Sharks.

2. Aliens.

3. Dolly Parton.

4. Movies that make you cry in public. (Armageddon, I'm looking at you, and specifically at when [spoiler] Bruce Willis goes down the tube, and remembering a time at the gym when that scene came on for 45 seconds and I cried on the elliptical. Also remembering I used to go to a gym.)

5. Movies with the word "Queen" in the title. Or "Witch," or "Daughter." (Or make and then screen a movie called The Queen Witch's Daughter. Daughter of the Witch Queen?) (Alternates: "Castle," "Secret," [...]


'Pinup Roundup

Hey New York, venture upstairs at Professor Thom's in the East Village tonight from 7-10 to see each other in the face. Also, Philadelphia and Los Angeles have created Facebook groups for their meetups. LA's gathering this weekend involves roller derby! And there's a Hairpin Book Club in Chicago now… but which book? As always, you can plan your own party here. Can someone write us a meetup theme song à la "The Carnival of Feet" and post it in the comments? Thank you.


Save the Date, NYC: April 26

It's that time of year again (in New York): mark your calendars for Thursday, April 26 — we'll be having a meetup in the reserved party space upstairs at Professor Thom's in the East Village, from 7 – 10 p.m. There's a deck, there's couches, there's booze, it'll be great. (And we'll post a reminder when the day approaches.) Plus Jane's flying in, too. What will she wear? Also, of course, anyone and everyone is welcome! Men! Women! Neither!

And DC is having a meetup at the Black Squirrel this Thursday, April 5 at 7 p.m. – Cherrispryte is fielding questions. ("Should I go?" "Yes.")

And, as [...]