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Friday Open Thread

This is the only Friday where we've actually been sad the workweek is over! Because we, your faithful guest bloggers, Michelle Markowitz and Lauren O'Neal, must return our crowns and scepters to Emma and Jia, and wave goodbye to you all like dumb kids.

We learned a lot from commenters this week. We learned that the Portuguese word for "escorts" is "acompanhantes," and that "spell-casters" like Dr. Oduduwa can return our husbands to us, not to mention all the best places to gamble and buy human growth hormone online. A lot of you were really eager to tell us about all these [...]


Friday Open Thread

I looked at my hand this morning while gripping a pole on the E train and noticed that my fingernails were dirty. One nail had a complex, layered design of multicolored grime that reminded me of the sand art I made in elementary school. I was embarrassed and adjusted my grip so that the no one, including myself, would be exposed to the horrors resting in front of my nail bed.

Because I have four or five nail clippers to my name, there's no reason for this to have happened. There's one in my desk drawer. A second in a toiletry kit that somehow makes it through every TSA [...]


Friday Open Thread

Fri! Fri. You made it; we made it; it's almost time to have a drink. Before we go, here is where we've been this week:

• In the bedroom, to have sober sex for the first time.

• To the Madewell Museum of Human Curiosities with our tour guide Jornts, and across the street, where we made some revisions.

• To space (?) and back with our resident astrologer Galactic Rabbit.

• To the hair salon with… Dr. Oz?

• To relationship therapy, and then Baba Yaga therapy, and finally hot dog therapy.



Friday Open Thread

You can donate to the Brady Campaign for gun control here, or here, also on FacebookTwitter.


Friday Open Thread

Sending best wishes to Boston. (We're ending early today, but will be back with regular scheduling on Monday.)


Happy Thanksgiving

And we're off! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, or a wonderful regular Thursday and Friday, depending where you are and what you celebrate. We'll be back on Monday, but in the meantime, some holiday memories: Famous Turkey Last Words and Proposed New Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons. (Also Free Rice.)