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Mad Men: When Pretending Is Your Job

Watching Mad Men feels a bit like refinishing a wooden chair, sometimes. You’re methodically working away with sandpaper at the arms and legs of this thing, which has been this way for as long as you can remember, and you’re up close and it seems like work, but it’s also strangely soothing, and suddenly you step back after an hour and the whole chair has a different appearance.

At least, that’s how I felt about it last night. Not all that much seemed to happen, because after all, it's Mad Men; with some surprises the pacing tends to be slow and steady. Yet, by the end of the episode everyone [...]


Silicon Alley Women Encouraged to Remind Men of Their Existence

Today Silicon Alley Insider published a list called "The Silicon Alley 100: New York's Coolest Tech People in 2010," and, well, you know what I'm about to say: there are barely any women on the list.