Alternate Theories to Explain the Greenwich Anteater's Immaculate Conception

An anteater at the Greenwich (Conn.) zoo gave birth to a baby in April, and no one knows how it was conceived:

[In April, an animal] tender went into Armani's enclosure and received quite a shock.

Armani, sometime during the previous night, had given birth to another baby.

The sudden appearance of little Archie was a surprise, to say the least. The gestation period for anteaters is six months. Armani and Alf had not been back together long enough to do what they needed to do to put the cycle of life into gear a second time.

How to explain Armani's miracle?


Unconnectable Dots

Benjamin Kyle is a missing person, because he has amnesia and doesn't know who he is and the government hasn't been able to figure it out either. You may have already seen this 10 minute documentary about him — it's been online for a bit and — but you probably haven't seen this amazing pointilism portrait of Ben! OMG, let's all go back to the drawing board, literally. But about the film: the lady who calls 911 after finding Ben is pretty chill for having just discovered a nearly-murdered person, but the 911 operator tells her to calm down anyway. It's gotta be a reenactment, right?


Wondering About Yoko Ono

1. "How do i become more like yoko ono?"

2. "What would you expect to come out of a Yoko Ono Pinata?"

3."What does it mean to be called a Yoko Ono?"

4. "What was the big deal about Yoko Ono and John Lennon being in bed together?"

5. "Did George Harrison really call Yoko Ono a b*tch becasue she ate one of his biscuits?"


Whose Arm Is This?

This broken arm appeared on my roof three months ago and has not moved. (I placed the penny there today for scale.) Accessible only by me and satellite dish installers, the roof is three very high stories up. Balls don't end up there. Nothing ends up there because it isn't a place you're supposed to hang out: no guardrail, no deck or anything, just shingles to sneak onto from a private and weird staircase that juts out of the kitchen. So, the first question is: how did it get up there? And the second question is: who did it come off of? It has sharp edges along the break, [...]


Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

I watched a lot of bargain-bin, poorly dubbed, limited releases as a kid (hey, blame my parents). Now, years later, the details are foggy and only wisps of memory remain. Here are the synopses — as far as I recall — for 11 of these films. They’re not exactly the type of thing you can Google, so any thoughts on what these movies might be would be hugely appreciated. My seven-year-old self thanks you.

1. A killer puts spikes in binoculars: When victims look through them, the spikes stab them in the eyeballs.

2. Two mice head toward Switzerland, looking for the dream job of biting the holes in Swiss cheese.


In Search of a Fair Fare

Can someone answer this important question, please? You know how you will search for a plane ticket online and find one at a price that is somewhat reasonable, and then call your mom to make sure the arrival time works with her schedule? And, lo and behold, she'd rather you take the red eye (moms!), but you check and one does not exist. So, the first flight you found will be fine, she guesses. When you go back to your computer to book it, the "session has expired" — or whatever it says that means you have to re-do your search. Once again, you enter the airports and dates, hit [...]


Vestigial Witchcraft?

… Homo Mysterious: Evolutionary Puzzles of Human Nature, is a catalogue of the many unresolved riddles of our history. A surprising number of these mysteries concern female sexuality. The male orgasm, for example, serves a rather obvious seed-sowing function — but what is the point of its female equivalent?

For the Financial Times, Steven Cave considers three recent books on human evolution.


Would You Know My Name, If I Saw You in Pyongyang?

"Jong Chul, who is thought to live in North Korea, was last seen in public at a 2011 Eric Clapton concert in Singapore." —The Washington Post has a piece today on North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun's mysterious older brothers. For more "fun," check out their gallery of 49 photos from inside North Korea.


More Like "Waddled"

"Easter Island’s gargantuan stone statues walked. That is the controversial claim from archaeologists who have demonstrated the feat with a 4.4-tonne model of one of the baffling busts."


Dear Science: Get Your Priorities in Order

This article about why people eat their own placentas (warning: bloody picture at the top here) mentions January Jones, but does not address the real question: who her baby daddy is?