Advances in macro photography techniques lead us to this brilliant time-lapse visualization of Monday as it appears to people all around the world.


Assortment: YACHT, Food, Small Apartments

Good morning! Here's a little grab bag to get things going. Above is the mildly NSFW (lyrics, chain of events at 1:30?) animated music video for electropop band YACHT's single "Second Summer," by the group Animation Domination High Def (ADHD). YACHT is also having a sunrise party in Los Angeles on December 16, if you'd like to join.

The Times has a couple more recipes for healthy, tasty things (although yours are better!), and Serious Eats a few more.

Plus the Tiny House blog has this soothing bit of tiny house-ery about a young man in Brooklyn, whose apartment contains a footstool made of what I [...]


Holiday Reminder

Why not. Well, many reasons, probably, but did you know George Washington was a "craft" beer fan?