The Quiet Return of The 'Pinup Roundup

[Psst, I'm back. I may stick around… or not? Usually I just like to chiiill while you do all the heavy lifting, but then I got worried you might think I'm lazy. So, here you go.]

Providence, you're meeting March 24th? Oh snap, that's this weekend. San Francisco will be ready to party April 4th. NYC: something is going down in you April 5th. Chicago, you're having drinks after work on April 9th.

For more parties and details, or to plan your own 'Pinup, check out the Google Group or get busy in the comments. Who's ordering pizza? *cracks open [...]


Happy Halloween, Jerks (in NYC)

If you're in New York, don't forget about the meetup tonight. I hear Edith is dressing up as an extra bartender this time, someone found out where to buy all the dry ice in the city, and there should be plenty of snacks. What are you going as? I'm gonna be "Lonely Woman in California Who Just Found Out She Doesn't Even Live in a Neighborhood Where Children Trick-or-Treat and This Candy Isn't Going to Eat Itself, so… "


Just Out of Curiosity

If we had a Salt Lake City Hairpin meetup, would it just be me, picking sadly at a Jello salad, or are there enough of us to make it awesome?

Maybe we could band together like a gang of hot Miss Marples and solve this recently-opened, super-disturbing cold case?