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How to Report on Rape

Today at 1pm: I’ll moderate a livestream discussion on how to report on rape, w/ @katiejmbaker @salamishah @Wolfe321

— Irin Carmon (@irin) December 9, 2014

After I sent this to Haley and she immediately responded "cancel all my meetings." Tune in at 2. Someone bring Sorkin.


The Fountain of Passion



Mindpop: "The Escape"

"Before my stroke, I was a dot-comer with a hip job in a downtown office painted kindergarten colors. I wore vintage clothing and stompy boots. I was cute enough: small and wimpy, pale, with very dark hair and strong eyebrows." —Hairpin pal Nina Mitchell has a great piece in The Atlantic. (See also: her series for this site, and for her own site, Mindpop.)


The Egg-Yolk Trick

What is this magic! Ah! For all your meringue/aioli/mayonnaise/creme brulee/marshmallow/angel food cake needs?! [via]


The Women of Our Year

We salute you, Robin Griffin, Wendy Davis, writers of dinosaur erotica, Kreayshawn, Diane Martel, Adele Exarchopolous, Erykah BaduEmily M. Keeler, Nancy Silberkleit, our mothers and role models and newlywed lovers and really you guys, all of our friends.


A Yogurt Epiphany

One of us just saw this yogurt commercial yesterday and was like, "WHAT!? You're meant to tip the little cup over into the big cup!?" and our mind was blown for about as long as the commercial was on, but then afterward it was like, "No, that would take forever, especially the honey one. Taking a little scoop from the little cup and then a big scoop from the big cup is much better." So, there you have it. You heard it here last!


The Revolution Was Televised

Every person who appeared on The Talk on Monday did so without any makeup on. When does the revolution begin? Was that it? We were supposed to start Monday? It's already Wednesday. Tomorrow? Can we start tomorrow? Or Saturday would be even better, you know?


What Have You Done for ____ Lately?

Julia Roberts guest starred on Law & Order back when she was dating Benjamin Bratt. There are many ways that could've come about, but the funnest one to consider is that she just freakin' LOVED Law & Order, and rightly so.


And Now You'll See Them Everywhere

Phantasmagoria ate diphthong's dust in a Best Word Ever contest.


Grimes, "Genesis"

Wrist-ery! Also: what to wear/wield in the desert.