The Queen's Hoarder

"[Her collection] features more than 10,000 carefully displayed objects, including mugs, plates, tankards, tea towels, vases, figurines, newspapers, photos, videos, stained-glass windows, wind-up “racing royals”, a replica of Charles and Camilla’s wedding certificate and a jar of dulce de leche which claims to contain a hair of Princess Diana’s." —Charming (and slightly nutty) British lady Margaret Tyler is believed to have the largest collection of royal memorabilia in the land. That's all fine and dandy, but what we really need to know is has she sprung for the royal wedding refrigerator?


The New and Unworn Clothing That Haunts Your Closet

Are you better or worse than the British ladies who own "22 outfits" worth of unworn clothing? That's £285 (about $455) worth of purchased but never worn clothes. I'll just say I exceed this number but refuse to do the math because the extent to which I exceed it is not something I want to think about now, or ever.

Not sure how the "22 outfits" rubric was determined, either, because paisley velvet minidresses don't really go with multi-tone Keds (or anything, apparently), but I guess that doesn't matter. Maybe this can be some kind of sister-party to the Ugly Holiday Sweater parties: "Clothes You've Never Worn Before" [...]