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"Safe For Work, Volume II" by DJ Ayres

Just in time for your holiday party, DJ Ayres is back with another non-sweary mix you can listen to with folks who might not have heard of the F-word yet. This one starts with "lots of R&B and 90s diva house, then ends slow and grindy." If that sounds like gobbledygook, maybe these featured artists will entice you: Björk, Aaliyah, Frank Ocean, Tori Amos, The xx, Aretha Franklin, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, and Carly Simon — just to name a few of the very best names of all time. Stream here, download here.

If you're in NYC, go see Ayres DJ his mondo dance party, The Rub,  [...]


"Safe for Work, Volume 1" by DJ Ayres

Close your eyes. Now open your eyes. It's a present! The first volume in our new mixtape series, "Safe for Work." Not everything cool is NSFW! For our inaugural mix, we asked the super-groovy DJ Ayres to select songs without swears. He one-upped us: "This a mixtape of songs about working. Some songs are even about dancing at work (so to speak). Everything here is safe to listen to at your jobby job. Aside from the theme, it's a very random bag, but we guarantee it will make your day go a little faster." GUARANTEES, people.

Tracklist after the jump…


The Worst Makeout Mixtape Ever

Playing music when you hook up with someone is a great, time-honored tradition — it adds background noise, sets a mood, and shows off the cool new CDs/MP3s/records/ cassettes/ringtones/whatever you obtained for just that occasion. But then sometimes things go wrong, hilariously, and a horrible, mood-killing song slithers out of your stereo, because either your playlist wasn’t long enough, or you forgot there was an unfortunately named track on the album you selected, or you just put it on shuffle and also happen to be the kind of person who owns soundtracks to musicals. You know? No? You have perfect music? Welllll, I definitely don’t, and I asked a [...]