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Don't Be That Guy, But Who Exactly Is That Guy?

The great thing about the city of Edmonton's new anti-rape campaign, as Feministing points out, is that it addresses potential rapists, rather than victims or potential victims: the motto is "Don't Be That Guy." But the not-so-great thing is that, in the grand tradition of Canada, the motto is far too polite!


These Hot Young People Look Like These Hot Old People

Is Rob the new Johnny? Is Jon the new George? Hugh the new Jude? Gerard the new Sean?! Do you like giant photo galleries that ask you to "think" with the knuckle-draggiest part of your brain? (Yup! And the knuckles are attached to fingers that have manicures!) Is this the second time today I'm linking to a gallery of side-by-side people whose hotness you're supposed to evaluate? (Yes, because I lovvve themmm!) Is Jake the new Ben? (Nooo!)