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Eustace at the Süper Boel: The New Yorker's Weekend Guide

GOINGS ON ABOUT TOWN The inaugural brutefest stomps through Gotham.

Parading through New York City this weekend will be all the trappings of a Philadelphia-area beauty pageant, but with less class and a dose more testosterone (but roughly the same amount of arm hair). Possessed within—perhaps imparted by an errant father or misguided childminder—many have a burning flame for the clashing of gorillas and their tanned pointed orbs. If you find little elegance in brushed canvases and brûléed treats, and prefer a layman’s “warm dog,” “spiced patty,” and “thin brew,” we’ve compiled the goings on—or, should we say, “touchdowns”—about town as the first ever Super Bowl engulfs our delicate, pastoral [...]