Let's Talk About Friendship

I've never been comfortable with having a "best friend." To me that phrase brings me right back to middle school, the constant anxiety of status and kids counting off well, Mal is my best friend but Vicki is my second-best but last week Mal was flirting with Sam so Vicki might be my best now, but Megan is definitely third. Just me? Anyway, "best" just never made sense, and as I've grown out of that I'm really thankful that fewer and fewer people seem to put friendship in those terms. I have people in my life that I value, whom I support and who support me, new and [...]


My Kindergarten OKCupid Profile

Username: Krazy4Toyz

7/ female/ single/ Los Angeles

My self-summary I’m usually in a great mood unless someone is brushing my hair, then I’m definitely crying.

What I’m doing with my life: Just living play-date to play-date.

I’m really good at: Everything, especially arts and crafts. I just made this macaroni-on-paper piece that is getting a lot of buzz at my mom’s office.


Money Can Buy You All the Acquaintances You Need

Read one way, a new study shows how important it is to your happiness to have, like, two besties while you're attending community college in your home town, but the second you graduate and take that hot job in the Big City, you might want to consider ditching them for a nice group of folks you'll meet at a wine tasting.


Friends: How Many of Us Have How Many of Them?

Some silly study found most of us only have two close friends; "close" meaning you've discussed "important matters" within the last six months. So, how many close friends do you have? Think hard.


Ang, Angie, Angela

Did you get enough of dream pal Angie last time? She's back and she loves you. In other Angelas news: Big Ang's eponymous television show starts next week and this confessional song is pretty great if you have any Angelas who'd like to hear their name sung over and over.


Lucinda Rosenfeld's "Friend or Foe" Advice Column at Slate

Currently, the single most effective way to cause you to re-examine all of your female friendships in a haze of paranoia and self-doubt. The answer, in case you were wondering, is always "Foe," and if you're worried your friends are sending in complaints about you, they probably are.

They hate your boyfriend. They blame you for not getting your friend fired. They secretly want to skip girls' night.

They'd rather hang out with other people when they crash at your place, and see you only as a free bed. They resent your success at work.

Your break-up bores them. They want to hit on your boyfriend. They think [...]