The Hottest Fashion Looks for 2015

1. Ghost of a Victorian governess who demands that you solve the mystery of her murder.


All The Golden Globe Dresses, Ranked

1. Oh this one is so nice.


Jenny Diski's Shoes

But it isn’t really fashion that has such a hold on me. It is (like the ultimate book in my head, which is storyless, characterless and perfect) an image, without any detail, of the perfect outfit, the one that slips over my frame and drapes itself around my contours in a way that finally defines me—look, this is what I am—just as my flesh defines the boundaries between myself and the world. And it’s a private thing essentially, not primarily about being seen in or envied for a fashionable look: indeed, I generally imagine wearing these incomparable outfits in the privacy of my own home. It’s stuff to sit on [...]


"In an elegant stroke of free-market irony, self-proclaimed enemy of feminism Ayn Rand has become a girl-power commodity several decades after her death."

I mean, it's just like that classic Coco Chanel saying: before you leave the house, take off the last thing you put on that has a mangled quotation from an Ayn Rand novel printed on it.


The Scientific Reasons Behind Fashion Don'ts

Don't wear white after Labor Day. White appears in stark contrast to fall foliage, making the wearer a prime target for bear attacks.


Excerpts From the January 2015 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

I lost it all last year on the 5:2 diet, a British system that really works, as long as you stick to fasting two days a week.

Féministe Mais Féminine read a banner at the faux woman-power protest that Karl Lagerfeld staged at Chanel. The day's marching orders? Long, often double-breasted suit jackets and matching wide trousers that signal a real-world reboot of the business suit. Who better to wear this power-dressing proposition than the Brazilian beauty known for her swagger and strength?

[Sienna] Miller is known for speaking her mind, but stays away from social media—a loss for the Internet.


Are Tiaras The New Power Scrunchies?

Oh my god, YES. Tiaras are absolutely equal in power to scrunchies. I fully endorse this question and, as always, I endorse infusing material objects with ethereal properties of power and empowerment etc.

Before Amanda Miller rushed out the door the other day, she added a final touch to her look: a tiara.

Her destination? Not a tween birthday or a drunken bachelorette party. Ms. Miller, a 36-year-old corporate communications manager for eBay, was headed to her office in Washington, D.C.

"Before you leave the house always add one tiara." – Coco Chanel


Controversial Opinions Post

I have this *~*controversial*~* opinion—you probably already know what it is since I will absolutely never shut up about it—that the best fashion writing almost never comes from fashion writers, and only very rarely from traditional mainstream fashion publications. The fashion writing I'm interested in happens, I guess, on the margins of other topics: class, gender, race, labor, wealth, politics, film. That's where writers often let down their "no clothes are dumb gross why would I write about clothes" guards and share something personal, or meaningful, or even just some unusual or unexpected opinion.

This means that finding the best fashion writing often feels like a pretty fun [...]


"Pre-Fall Is Happening. Did You Notice?"

No. You didn't. I mean, I don't know, maybe you did, maybe you are like me circa 2011: consumed by slideshows, desperately seeking images of the most recent runway shows, but in my experience a few years of actually working in fashion will wrench that impulse right out of you.

Vanessa Friedman writes that most consumers "could be forgiven for failing to notice" pre-fall had even started, a sentiment I generously agree with, but that maybe it's not for the reasons we would hope (sanity, common decency). She explains:

Well, though some over-worked fashion people (mea culpa) saw this as a potentially positive sign that, perhaps, [...]


Excerpts From The December 2014 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

On Hollywood Bad Boys "But does this occasional model—currently the face of the Calvin Klein cologne Reveal—fear coming off as fake? "I grew up unsure whether I would end up being in the film business or being a gangster," he says, without a hint of irony. (His father, scrap-metal kingpin Billy Hunnam, ran northern England's underworld for decades.)"