Are You Normcore?

Normcore—it was funny, but it also effectively captured the self-aware, stylized blandness I’d been noticing. Brad’s source for the term was the trend forecasting collective (and fellow artists) K-Hole. They had been using it in a slightly different sense, not to describe a particular look but a general attitude: embracing sameness deliberately as a new way of being cool, rather than striving for “difference” or “authenticity.” In fashion, though, this manifests itself in ardently ordinary clothes. Mall clothes. Blank clothes. The kind of dad-brand non-style you might have once associated with Jerry Seinfeld, but transposed on a Cooper Union student with William Gibson glasses.

Normcore! What is [...]


4 Hot Hues for an On-Trend Fall: Smaragdine, Fulvous, Coquelicot, Wenge

Smaragdine is emerald, and it was Pantone's Color of the Year in 2013. Fulvous is owl-or-duck-colored, coquelicot is poppy-colored, wenge is wood. Seven more cool colors over at Mental Floss.

It's  nice to think about color stuff, like how in Japan kids will draw the sun as red rather than yellow, and how their word for blue is used for what we in the West might call "smaragdine." (I also love that the Japanese word for green is "midori.") In 1969, two anthropologists named Brent Berlin and Paul Kay wrote a book theorizing that "as languages evolve, they acquire new basic color terms [...]


If the Rest of the World Spoke Like Clinton Kelly

Happy Final Day of Fashion Week! What Not To Wear's Clinton Kelly prefers the word "pant" to "pants" (really), but he's just a product of a grammar-bending fashion industry. Let's experiment.

• "You'll want to deliver a Warm Thank to your interviewer within 24 hours – email or snail mail works fine."

• "Liar liar, Cropped Pant on fire."

• "Many people were in the habit of sporting a Frightful Measle in the early 1800s."

• "Day six is usually when a Statement-making Delirium Tremen will set in."

• "Like any fall fashion trend, an Aggressive Rabie is fiercely contagious."

• "Oops, Gracie spit up all over my Straight-legged Jean [...]


Deadly Combinations of Male Fashion and Behavior

1. Sunglasses worn backward on the head AND True Religion Jeans.

2. A ponytail gathered in bun at back of neck AND hugging a friend for a long time with closed eyes and wistful smile in the middle of a crowded restaurant AND flip flops.

3. A golf shirt with a corporate logo AND a cell phone holster AND repeated uttering of the phrase, "it's all good."

4. A goatee AND a toddler walking around wherever it wants to go AND the inquiry, "Do you guys have any chai?"

5. A flat-brimmed baseball hat AND an Ed Hardy T-shirt AND, in response to a female friend's gentle suggestion, "Maybe don't [...]


Realistic ModCloth Descriptions

As a high school sophomore, you’re constantly on the go from flute practice to doing homework to doing more homework. The Cute Baseball Player Finally Fingered Me dress will take you everywhere you need to go and help you remember that anticlimactic night in his older brother’s ’86 Mazda. Pair it with a silver headband and a shiny new pair of fingernail clippers! - $149.99

Flowers sometimes smell like shit, but let’s be honest, so do you when the President’s Physical Fitness Test falls on the heaviest day of your period. The Mum’s the Word dress, with its abstract, blotchy, out-of-focus red designs, is perfect for those days you forget tampons. [...]


The Ponchos of My Life


Farewell to "What The F*shion"

The VFiles, if you're not already familiar, is a cultishly beloved YouTube series that, as Adrian Chen wrote a few months back, "[does] to the fashion world what MTV did to music: smartly package the inscrutable culture and business of high fashion to make it fun for outsiders."

"WHAT THE F*SHION," a VFiles series by comedian Casey Jane Ellison (also responsible for "Status Update") riffs on fashion vloggers. Here's the finale. I would warn you that it's "weird," but it's far too late for that.


Get This Look: Citrus Fruits

1. Lemons

Despite their varied uses and singularly acidic flavor, lemons weren’t widely enjoyed as a fruit for well into their storied past. One of its first recorded uses was as a pelting agent, hurled at a wayward high priest during a festival in the 90s BC. If no high priest was available, anyone who had crossed you would also suffice. When not being used as a weapon, these tough suckers were employed to cure scurvy-riddled sailors with vitamin C. Drink up that sour juice, y’all; rub it all up in your wounds while screaming in a vain attempt to prove yourself a titan. Lemons ain’t got time for [...]


You Can't Mansplain a Pantsuit

I have seen this video pop up on my sad version of the internet twice today, once under the banner "'Cute Pant Suit Lady' Is the New Queen of Weird YouTube" and once under the banner "CUTE CHICK IS WAY TOO PROUD OF HER PANTS SUIT BUT YOU’D STILL HIT IT." (The latter is real, I promise. Don't bother looking for it.) Let me humbly suggest that the editorial powers behind these two headlines do not fully grasp a) the spelling of the word "pantsuit" and b) the utter joy of wearing a pantsuit and/ or a romper that otherwise looks like a dress or a skirt. "Pant Suit [...]


The Best-Dressed Salads

1. Arugula

Big Break: Arugula’s make-or-break moment came in 2006, when a deadly spinach e coli outbreak caused the nation to look elsewhere for dainty greens. Since then, it’s had a few ups and downs, returning on our radar in 2007, when Obama remarked on its pricey Whole Foods gig. In a recent comeback, the bitter leaf has slipped into stunning dressing after dressing on the covers of Bon Appetit and Good Housekeeping. Signature Dressing: The self-proclaimed “salad rocket” opts for mustard-hued vinaigrettes, statement-making sunflower seeds, and the occasional daring grape. Favorite feature: Its unusual silhouette. Style Icon: Ramps.

2. Frisée

Big Break: Previously known as endive’s [...]