Relax … Into Love

Researchers found that women who have higher levels of cortisol are rated as having less attractive faces by men than their more relaxed counterparts.

It could be bad news for those who hold stressful positions and are looking to find love.

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If Eyes Are the Window to the Soul, Then Crow's Feet … ?

"The eyes do not lie unless, of course, the person has received Botox around the eyes, in which case the skin around the eyes is unable to wrinkle up, no matter how true a smile." —The Atlantic has an interesting piece on smiling, life, and depression by dermatologist Eric Finzi: "How Smiles Control Us All, and why we're terrible at faking them." It's also an excerpt from his new book, 'The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Our Moods and Relationships,' which came out yesterday (Amazon | Indiebound), and which reminded me to re-take that BBC fake-smile-detection test. I got a 17 instead of a [...]


I Want to Know More About These Men

This vaguely interesting thing about chocolate and acne does include this little gem: "A 2011 study also found that chocolate consumption worsened acne, but the study involved only 10 men who consumed pure chocolate."


The Ancient Butter Face

Something fun/ridiculous for a Friday: Are you an Earth Face, a Wood Face, or a Water Face?


Friday Open Thread



The BBC challenges you to distinguish fake smiles from real ones in a 20-smile lineup that starts creepy and then gets adorable and then gets a little creepy again. I scored a six, because I am a moron, apparently. Also, hello to person No. 13!