…in their love for guns and pizza, Canadians seem to be more stereotypically American in their emoji usage than Americans are.

Poop, pizza; seems about right.


162 New Emoji We Need Right Now

"The Unicode Consortium — the organization that sets the standards for the near-omnipresent icons we know as emoji — announced Monday afternoon that it will be releasing a new batch of images in its latest 7.0 update." 162 suggestions follow.

Pickle Caftan Middle finger Fingers crossed Penis A-cup boobs B-cup boobs C-cup boobs D-cup boobs DD-cup boobs Small butt Large butt Smiley making “Miley face” Smiley with eggplants for eyes Smiley with dollar-sign eyes Smiley with bulging cheeks Lip-biting smiley Brown-skinned woman with one hand raised Brown-skinned woman wearing crown Brown-skinned woman with two hands above head Brown-skinned woman with arms in “x” shape Brown-skinned woman getting head massage [...]


When Will "PILE OF POO" Take Its Rightful Spot at No. 1?

Via Hairpin pal Lindsey Weber, "Emoji Tracker" lists the realtime use of emoji on Twitter. Unexpected delight here: the all-caps rollover text describing each emoji. "FACE WITH STUCK-OUT TONGUE AND WINKING EYE" = ;P