Olympic Programming Break: Dogs

Here is a link you can click on to watch, at this very moment, 13 separate live video feeds from the 2014 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Best In Show judging is tonight.

Also, some tips on "Finding A Dog To Match Your Lifestyle," courtesy WKC:

Don't get a dog on impulse. Don't get a dog to be trendy. Trends come and go, but your dog will be with you for a long time. The stars of "101 Dalmatians" and "Frasier" and "Beethoven" are wonderful dogs, but they aren't for everyone and they may not be the right dog for you or your family.

Sage [...]


Look Who's Wearing Burberry Now

If I owned a dog the dog would be thinking, "I am so glad to be owned by Emma, who is so deserving of a dog and who deserves a dog more than most humans who own dogs, probably." (Paraphrasing here.) But I guess "squirrel" is a decent answer, too. [via Animal New York]


Martha Plimpton's Lesson

"I’ll put it to you this way: I don’t dislike children as much as I used to. Who knows? I’m really not a planner. Apparently, as you can see, because I’m 40 years old. You know, when you’re independent and you’re female and you’re working, it’s just … you wake up one morning: ‘Holy shit! Oh, that’s right, I didn’t do that. Huh.’ You know what I mean. Eloiiiiise!” [Nearby, Eloise has made a new friend, a male friend, presumably not fixed.] “Eloise! You’re getting slobbered on, on your vagina. That’s not something I’m enjoying. Eloise, come on. Don’t give men too much. It’s unseemly. You can’t just roll over [...]


Lucy's Conquests

My dog is a Gabor sister, trapped in the body of a pit bull terrier blend. She has never seen a man she did not want to meet, or met a man she could not charm. The heart of a charming courtesan beats within her broad black and white chest. She has the tennis and racket ball collection to prove it.

During walks near the public courts, Lucy is not above grinning and wiggling for “an old ball I was going to throw away, really. She can have it. Who’s a pretty girl? Does this pretty girl want a tennis ball? Oooo, she does!” I stand around smiling, feeling de [...]


Friday Open Thread

“Jack and his human companion Joan had just finished a three-mile run. As a treat, Joan bought him gelato. Jack’s delight is palpable—he licks every drop.”

–Hairpin pal Jon Cotner was out and about this week. Happy weekend.


All Dogs Are Perfect Angels

…even the ones currently competing in the 25th annual "World's Ugliest Dog" contest, which will take place this Friday in Petaluma, Calif. You can vote "for fun," and find some really endearing descriptions from the owners. Here's current leader Ellie Mae's bio:

Ellie Mae is an 8y/o Chinese Crested Hairless Dog. She was given to me about 6 years ago when the family she was with had to move to Colorado. They felt that Colorado may be too cold for her. I have been so thankful ever since! She is a wonderful little ambassador for my job as Animal Control Officer/shelter manager where we live in Gurdon, Arkansas. She [...]


Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

…in this Friday-friendly humblebrag-appropriate rescue story.

The sorrow and the pity:

Chewy was a dog that everyone in the Modesto, California, neighborhood knew. He was spotted on many of the streets. Once he trailed a man named Adam while he was jogging, or stop to play with Denise’s dog, Boss. People in Graceado Park wondered who he belonged to. Chewy belonged to no one.

Are you my mommy?

When people would cross, Chewy came up to them in a friendly but timid manner. He seemed to want to be friends, but the moment a hand was outstretched he shied away. Curious, but reserved, as if they were not the [...]