Alternative Anne Geddes Babies

Taco Baby Nestle your baby in a taco shell, then drizzle him or her with shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, and a light chopped lettuce garnish. (Note: If you only have soft tortillas on hand, feel free to try out Burrito Baby. Supplement with rice, but don’t let your baby eat any. He really doesn’t need the extra carbs.)

Your Baby Peeking Out of a Mason Jar Pinterest is going to fucking implode.

Vodka Watermelon Baby We’ve all seen the standard photo of a baby sleeping peacefully in a watermelon1. Bo-ring! Plug a bottle of vodka in that watermelon—bonus points if you put a vodka nip in each of [...]


A Femme's Guide to Improvement: Solid Perfume

I think the first American Girl book I read as a child was Meet Samantha (the cover was a thousand times better than the illustration they’re currently using on Amazon), and it got me hooked on two things: American Girl books and lockets. Every monthly book order was whichever new American Girl books were available, and every birthday/Christmas present was, it seems, judging from the surplus of them in my jewelry boxes, a locket.

Ideally, things would have been set up like Samantha had them, with a perfectly sized photo of one parent on each side. But it turns out it’s practically impossible to find a locket-sized photo, [...]


A Femme's Guide to Improvement: Make a Blouse!

So I got an email from Jane last week, linking to this top: “The one I tried on was shorter and not sheer. Can you show us how to make it? It looks SO beautiful on and it's a fucking square with a hole in it, that's it. A square folded in half, a neck hole cut out, and two short seams on the sides to hold it in place. Does that make sense? UGH! Why is it three hundred dollars!?!”

It is three hundred dollars because they say it is! Also because big profit margins on items with basic construction and minimum material allow mid-price companies to not go [...]


A Femme's Guide to Improvement: Fabric-Covered Walls

By now, my little Nillionaires, you may have read all about Edna Woolman Chase’s Always in Vogue. Fun fact: Vogue’s only Quaker, budget-conscious editor didn’t only leave us with cheap wardrobe tricks. We get decorating tips too, because, hey! Guess what? One of her BFFs was Elsie de Wolfe, Lady Mendl, the first interior designer as we know the profession. No biggie.

In Brookhaven I fell in love with a little house a mile or so away from the one belonging to Claire and Bow and Ida Haskell. It was about a hundred years old, simple in the extreme but picturesquely placed under two magnificent hickory [...]


The Hot New DIY

The U.S. government recouped more than $88 million in counterfeit currency last year, and more than half of it was made on regular old inkjet or laser printers. That's according to Bloomberg, which tells the story of a woman who pleaded guilty to counterfeiting up to $20,000 in fake bills over a two-year period. She took $5 bills, soaked them in degreaser, scrubbed off the ink with a toothbrush, dried them with a hairdryer, then reprinted them as $50 and $100 on a Hewlett-Packard printer, the news service said. [The Atlantic]


A Femme's Guide to Improvement: The Plant as Stocking Stuffer

We’re now in the gift-giving crunch zone: whatever the holiday in your life, the countdown has begun. If you’re normal — and I’m using myself as the, er, standard — you're nowhere close to finishing shopping for your nearest and dearest, let alone the in-laws and occasional brunch partners in your life. Another thing that’s true if you’re normal: watching those people unwrap lots and lots of presents, no matter what their size, is one of the highlights of the season. This makes me a big fan of stocking stuffers, especially neat little DIY ones.

This is where you guys come in: crafty ladies, please share your best [...]


Scent of a Woman: "Give BO a TKO with DIY Deodorant"

Bust the magazine recently made a new Bust the book (The Bust DIY Guide to Life: How to Make It Through Every Day, out now), and they offered us something to excerpt, so I chose the DIY guide that sounded the worst, because I'm jealous. No, the book is great and would make a terrific present. Another thing that would make [the opposite of] a terrific present is this DIY deodorant, about which I am even more jealous. From the Bust DIY Guide to Life:


  • Double boiler
  • 3 tablespoons unrefined
  • shea butter, preferably organic
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons arrowroot
  • powder or cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons organic
  • unrefined [...]
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    Close-Reading Your Boss' Brief Emails: A Guide for the Anxious

    "What do you do / with a B.A. in English? / What is my life going to be?" -Avenue Q

    Yay, thank you!

    You are crushing it. Or your boss is 22 years old, but you're probably still crushing it.

    Thank you!!

    Your boss is very happy with you, but is also in a rush. When bosses are in a rush, they take the time to hit the exclamation mark at least twice. No one knows why. "Things are crazy!!!" "It's a circus here today!!!!!" "I'll be here until nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Etc.

    Thank you!

    Business as usual. Well done.


    Mildly-positive, but mainly neutral. You are unlikely to be fired in [...]


    Why Can

    The homemade jar of jam becomes a symbol of resistance to industrial food and its environment-defiling ways. This view has been brewing for a while, a thick stew of Slow Food and locavorism and DIY brought to a boil by recession and anxiety. Suddenly, learning the old-fashioned skills of our great-grandmothers seems not just fun, but necessary and even virtuous.

    Emily Matchar is making her own jam this holiday season, and wonders in an opinion piece for the Washington Post what it all means. Many things, apparently, and if Emily wants to share her jam with the people who link to her article, she is encouraged to [...]


    A Femme's Guide to Improvement: Flower Ghosts & Felt Sleeves

    Y’all. I’m on some kind of crazy décor kick right now, even though it’s not nesting season, which according to my very arbitrary internal clock is January-March or whenever winter wanes. Next week’s project will be drywall repair and things’ll be properly gay and there will be power tools and sandpaper and all that jazz, but right now the temptation to make a wool cocoon is almost overwhelming. Almost, but these two quick, easy, and very cheap projects gave me a fix. Wool flowers and felted wool iPhone/Pad/tablet sleeves!

    Dandelion ghosts (is that what they’re called? This is what I’m calling them) are one of my favorite things, but [...]