Nothing Tastes as Good as Not Being Cut Open Feels

"I was using a hand blender for an aioli and there was a bunch in the blade compartment. So I unplugged the machine and used my finger to remove the excess aioli. Right as I did it another cook set down a robo coup and he plugged in the handblender cord. Sooooo it turned on while my finger was in the blade compartment…." —LA Weekly asked some chefs about their worst kitchen injuries, which is all the excuse I need to tell you that one time my mom was working in a bakery and tried to pull some dough away from the wall of an industrial stand mixer WHILE [...]


Liquid Nitrogen: Still Liquid Nitrogen

Originally, Czar intended to serve vodka chilled with liquid nitrogen. This plan changed, however, after an incident last weekend with the liquid-nitrogen chilled beverages — an incident which sent one guest to the hospital. The restaurant group’s Director of Marketing, Simmy Ahluwalia, confirmed the incident but could provide no details except that the gentleman has recovered and that Czar has decided to scrap liquid nitrogen in favor of serving vodka in blocks of ice.

Finally! Sorry, anonymous person with a top secret injury, but someone had to pay for society allowing this wart-killer to go from "handle only with these special gloves and store in a Stanley thermos — actually, [...]


Emo-Porn is Less "Belle and Sebastian" Than You're Thinking

Focus on the Family warns us about the creeping menace of emo-porn.

(I just like the phrase "emo-porn," otherwise this does not count as Birthday Programming.)