cute animals

Cats Are Here to Help Wake You Up

Let's play a morning drinking game: grab your coffee (or tea or whatever you like), and go look at these photos of cats sitting in tiny, cat-sized furniture. Simply take a sip of your wake-up juice every time you see a cat in one of the photos. By the end, you'll be a) more alert, b) in a slightly better mood, c) on your way to buy some tiny furniture and possibly a kitten, or d) all of the above. You can't lose!


They're Going to Bring Back a Mammoth

The Japanese are on a mission to clone wooly mammoths, and they're aiming to produce a baby in as few as four years. You know what they didn't talk about in Jurassic Park? That people would constantly be trying to kill the dinosaurs and eat them, which will be this mammoth's problem, too. "What does it taste like?" we'll wonder. "We couldn't possibly kill it, though — we just made it! But you really can't help wondering sometimes. Not all the time, just sometimes. Rarely, if ever. No, I guess more than rarely. Are there always guards around it?"


Animals in Baths

This website is mostly false advertising so far, since I'm only seeing dogs.


Otter Video Enjoys 73:1 Like to Dislike Ratio on YouTube

In case you were thinking, "Wait, you can just have otters?" the answer is no, "Otters do not make good pets and are illegal to own." (Per YouTube.) These are in fact professional otters; they perform at Six Flags.



America's Next Top Woodland Creature

"Ugh, owls," said a young woman behind the counter at a boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last week.

"Yeah. We do already have owl earrings," said her coworker. They looked at a laptop screen, choosing items to sell.

"Everything people send us has owls. Those statues, the socks. It's like hello, enough owls."