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Recent Interactions With People In New York, Ranked: Part 2

The summer edition.

Recent Interactions With New Yorkers, Ranked

A Ferguson Refresher

Jia on the Difference Between ALS and Ferguson

#Ferguson on Day Five


The Trial of Theodore Wafer: “I shot in fear, I shot on purpose, I didn’t want to be a victim”

The People at Eric Garner’s Funeral

Birthright Still Sending Trips to Israel, Encouraging Participants to Tag Photos #YOLOIsrael

At Least It’s Not Yesterday

The Sandwich Party Revolution

Boko Haram Claims “I Abducted Your Girls, I Will Sell Them in the Market”; Nigerian Police Arrest Protest Leader

The Execution of Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma Last Night

Search Terms: Fiscal, Cliff, Explained

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