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23-year-old freelance photographer Mosa'ab Elshamy has been covering events in Egypt since 2011; here's his latest photoset on Flickr, from the massacre on Wednesday in Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square, where the new authorities' attempt to clear the six-week pro-Morsi sit-in resulted in at least 250 deaths. Elshamy's images are tremendous but difficult and NSFW.

Related: a piece about the robust presence of children at the sit-in, and a slideshow of current Egyptian political cartoons.

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What this cartoon teaches us is that a) it's okay to talk about politics before the first date, but b) the word "politics" might make your love interest's face contort into an unsexy tragedy mask. What this cartoon does not teach us is anything about the fiscal cliff, which was averted yesterday. For better reporting on that, go here. Also, reading between the lines in all this news, it seems one must make $450k a year now to be considered "rich," so that is a new thing to think about.


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Big Boi and Killer Mike rap about Troy Davis. And by "rap" I mean "talk," sorry.