In an Old House in Helsinki That Was Covered With Vines, Lived Four Little Girls in One Straight Line

"The general feeling in the series is very light and happy so I sometimes forget that my initial feeling when starting to make the images was quite sad. I thought the images would speak of letting go, losing moments and even people in time, nostalgia, etc. There are only a few images (like grandad, where in the latter image there is a person missing) that actually seem to bear this sadness." —Finnish photographer Wilma Hurskainen recreates photographs of herself and her three sisters.


No Real Children Were Harmed in the Making of This Photo-Essay

She was a child Juggalette.


Foggy Memories


Mostly-Quashed Childhood Fears Reawakened by the Vampire Bat Fatality

1. Getting your baby toe severed by the car door when your sister slams it. 2. Being left behind at a gas station because you didn't want to get back in the car, eventually becoming a less-self-sufficient Maniac Magee. 3. Earwigs colonizing your brain with their eggs because you didn't wear a hat like your mom said. 4. Being throttled by your dad's "phantom hand," which is occasionally possessed by the spirit of a dead murderer. 5. The red fiery bull-creature from "The Last Unicorn" coming to push you into the ocean. 6. No one buying your "I have a stomach ache" excuse for needing your dad to pick [...]


Your Own Personal Mean Girls

Over on our EPIC "Back to School Clothes" thread, a handful of us were having full-body flashbacks to the pre-teen sociopaths who attempted to ruin and destroy us. And, you know, probably they're nice people now like everyone else, just driven mad by a potent cocktail of new-bitch-hormones and bad-home-lives and hair-spray-related-lung-conditions, but that doesn't mean we can't call 'em out here.

I had "Deanna":

This tween girl juicebox made my life a living hell in seventh grade because I found a pair of used Nikes with multi-colored laces IN A BIN OF DONATED CLOTHES, and apparently "I thought I was cool now, but I wasn't."