My Indoor Cat Hates Me But Will Live Forever

If you want to have a screaming match with strangers over the merits of indoor vs. outdoor cats, this is the comment section for you!


It's Catso

Previously: Fairy Time.

Jim Behrle needs to buy a new cat.


Sarah Hepola Can Walk Her Cat on a Leash

She wrote about it! In Salon! And included a video!

She's clearly a very determined person, since my cat, like hers, falls distinctly into the "collapse angrily to the ground, refuse to move" camp of leash-cats, but Hepola clearly managed to eventually make it work.

This story also, sadly, reinforced my belief that Salon commenters are the meanest people on the internet (this follows a quotation from Broadcast News by an individual who calls himself "deargodwhy"):

"That's you, Joan, lowering standards slowly, bit by little bit, every day. You have taken a once-great webzine and turned it into absolute shit. This is the lead story? Are you fucking [...]


You Have Taken My Pride, But You'll Never Take My Nails

It's now illegal to declaw your cat in Israel. My last cat would often pounce on my face in the middle of the night and slice my forehead open, but now he gets to do that to my ex's new lady.


You Are So Two-Faced

The turning part! Six seconds in. The TURNING PART!!!


What to Do If You Meet Your Doppelganger

Act fast. Spooky stuff.



Louis vs. Rick

Louis is a cat and Rick is his owner and they like to IM. You should teach your cat how!


If You Can Make It There, You Can Make It Back

All Willow wanted was a shot at Broadway. Now, it seems, that day will never come.