Look at My Dad's New Kitten, Morse

(It's Friday. Did you know?)


Do They Like It? Who Knows.

The worst part of watching one video of a cat on a trampoline is when YouTube then tells you that there are ninety-five thousand more cat-trampoline videos, so you might as well go grimly make yourself a cup of coffee and settle in.


Unwind in a Discreet Mahogany Litter Cabinet

Surprise her this Valentine's Day with an elegant little room of her own.



A Comprehensive Guide to Housecats

This here is but one little rectangular area of Joumana Medlej's "Guide to Housecat Coat Colors and Patterns," which is so big that you'll need, like, size A0 paper to print it out. "Although there basically exists only two colors in cats," Medlej explains, "their derivatives, added to a number of patterns can all combine, conspire to create a bewildering array of denominated coats." Indeed. Apparently, a tabbie mixed with a tortoiseshell is called a torbie. I believe this is the type of cat I have on my hands. Looking at this is almost stressful, as if it's a catalog of cats you could buy and you have [...]


Amber Wants to Spend $1,300

Oh Amber.

[Thanks, Erin!]


You Are Your Cat's Puppet

I'm a little late to the game on this, but a big study on cats and people has shown that cats aren't necessarily the sociopathic ice queens and kings they're made out to be. Instead,

-Relationships between cats and their owners mirror human bonds, especially when the owner is a woman.

-Cats hold some control over when they are fed and handled, functioning very similar to human children in some households.

-While the age, sex and personality of owners affect these relationships, the sex of the cat doesn't seem to matter.

So, there's a chance your cat might actually like you, but it's more likely she's just using [...]


We Took a Vote and Chose Cat

By now, we know that the cat is the most popular animal on the Internet, the "official mascot of the Internet," if you will, and Leigh Alexander will (did), in a lovely explanation on Thought Catalog of why the cat was anointed with this title. Strangely, or not, research actually shows that in the real world, where the majority of research is still conducted, the dog is more popular than the cat:

almost 42 percent of Americans self-identify as ‘dog people’ versus only 12 percent who reported they are ‘cat people’. About 28 percent said ‘both’ and 15 percent said ‘neither’. Which means that according to this dude’s [...]


We Do Not Need Another Cat

We are down a cat. It's still too upsetting to talk about (rural life, tentative open window policy, probable coyote, lifetime of horrible, horrible guilt for not sticking to indoor cat guns), but we used to have two cats, the correct number of cats, and now we have one cat. An indoor cat.

And we can't really face the idea of acquiring a second cat, because a) we're having a human baby in a few months, and b) First Cat never really liked having a second cat, and now that she's Only Cat, she's super-stoked about it and prances around like she owns the place, and c) that would [...]


Charge Him With Cat Treason

"Julian was constantly battling for dominance, even with my tomcat Herr Schmitt," Domscheit-Berg says in his book "Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website."

Now, now he really should be charged with treason. The cat's name is Herr Schmitt, you guys! An intensely cute, but serious name, befitting of a creature with whom one should not trifle.

The "mad Australian" did not always come off best during his stay in 2009, however, with Herr Schmitt sometimes managing to "dispatch Julian with a quick swipe of the paw."


Cat Lives in Tree

Almond was born in this tree along with his siblings, who have since "up and left" with their mother. But Almond plans on staying in the tree forever, partly because the man whose tree the property sits on provides him room (tree) service, climbing the approximately 12 feet twice a day to check on him and feed him things like meatloaf and salami. The man, Ron Venden, says he can tell by the undisrupted snow around the tree that Almond hasn't climbed down in months, and when he's tried to remove him from the tree, "it starts scratching." IT? Says the man's daughter of this cat-man relationship: "In [...]