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How To Clean Up After Sex

Plan ahead for Valentine’s Day, or just for the weekend. You do you!

Ask a Clean Person: ‘Pits, Revisited

The whole problem is that I seriously sweat a lot (A LOT!) and I’m allergic to the active ingredient in most antiperspirants. So I use deodorant and don’t get smelly, but I can barely wear woven button-ups or nice blouses with sleeves because I sweat through them. I’ve heard tell of the dress shields of old but have never seen them for sale. I’ve asked my dermatologist and there’s not really a medical solution, since I happen to be madly allergic to the only effective antiperspirant known to humanity.

How To Clean A Weed Pipe

Also jacuzzi jets and shoe polish stains, but let’s be honest, you’re here about the weed pipe.

Ask a Clean Person: The Basics

Somehow my husband and I have managed to make it past 30 without establishing an adult-type cleaning routine. Meaning that we let things go for days (weeks sometimes!? I swear only rarely) at a time and then do a big intensive clean all at once. I know that ideally we’d do a little every day instead. Any suggestions on how competent adults might clean?

Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School – Bras and Mildew and Taffy, Oh My!

I have two bras with deodorant stains on them that I cannot wear with tank tops for fear of people seeing how gross they are. One is black and has white stains, the other is red and has sort of dark and splotch-y areas in the armpits. Is there anything that can be done to save these bras? What about my beige bra with the darker pit areas? In the event that I have to accept that I have ruined these bras, what can be done to protect future lingerie?

Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School Is In Session!

You cannot believe how much you’ll learn about laundry here, for real.

Ask a Clean Person: Get Rid of Your Cats, Seriously, They Are Revolting

Your cat cleaning questions answered.

Ask a Clean Person: The Stain Trifecta

Stain treatment really (really really really) depends on what the stain is.

Ask a Clean Person: Grease Stains Everywhere!

Grease is the word. It’s the word that you heard. It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning. Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion. Grease is the way we are feeling.

Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where’s My Coach?

If you have a Coach purse that got fucked up somehow, this column is for you.

Ask a Clean Person: Something Winter This Way Comes

I’ve noticed my down jacket is looking a little dingy around the sleeves, but I’m unsure how to clean it. The tag says you can wash it in the washing machine and then put it in the dryer with tennis balls to fluff it up. I’m not sure about getting it soaking wet. Would surface cleaning or dry cleaning be a better option?

Ask a Clean Person: Green Cleaning Alternatives

Here are some of the best tips for green alternatives to commercial cleaning products, random foodstuffs that will get your things clean, and landfill-saving tricks that will cut down on your shopping bill.

Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

Toilet smells! And sounds! And fears! Do you have them? Do you have a totally healthy relationship to the fact that we all poop?

Tackling a Major Clean-up

Make your bed, change your life.

Ask a Clean Person: Fair Is Fair – Get Rid of Your Ladies, Seriously, They Are Revolting

I had a former coworker say you have to replace your entire stock of panties every three months, otherwise you’re gross and unsanitary. Is it true?

Ask a Clean Person: Holiday Disasters

How do I get frosting off my fabric couch?

Ask a Clean Person: Let’s Clean Our Beds and Then Take to Them for the Entire Winter

I dated a guy who peed on my mattress. Three times. He was very, very drunk each time, which I know is no excuse. How do I get rid of the stain?

Ask a (Terrifyingly) Clean Person: Oozing Gourds, Glue Mishaps and Food Coloring Woes

Celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day With Jolie

Ask the Non-Squalid