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Smoking Alternatives, Troubled Parents, and the Unappealing Business Trip

On Adding or Keeping Distances

On Second Chances

Toxic Dating, “Abominable” Sisters, and the French Manicure

Lingerers, Admirers, and Silent Girl

Face Moles, “Perfection,” and Shifting Dynamics

Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

Unmet Demands and the Eternal “Are You Sure You’re Sure You’re Sure?”

Delicate Subjects, Erratic Cycles, and the “Best Friend”

Idle Friends, Gawky Roommates, and the Nap Dream

Namesakes and the Air Force

Frustrating Breakups, Jobs, and Hairstyles

Cleft Lips and Unamusingly Horrible Bosses

Cheat-ees and Friends With Prosecco

Drama-Minimization and Bathroom Riddles

Sleep Habits, Finding a Therapist, and Men Who “Make an Effort”

Insecurity and Awkward Encounters (Cats, Colds, Etc.)

Dating Ethics, Drink-Legs, and Smell Interference

Stretch Marks, Settling, and Vasectomies

Helping the Heartbroken and Asking for Things