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Smoking Alternatives, Troubled Parents, and the Unappealing Business Trip

I have a work-related trip coming up that I'm just dreading, mainly because of the co-worker I'll be traveling with. She's extremely religious, so she doesn't drink, curse, or watch R-rated movies or TV, and just generally won't shut up/read social cues. We'll have to drive there together in one car, stay in the same hotel room, and there will be quite a bit of down time, when drinking or trashy TV would come in handy.

The city we'll be going to is not terribly safe, so it doesn't leave much room for going exploring on my own. Other than hitting up the hotel gym for hours on end, [...]


Toxic Dating, "Abominable" Sisters, and the French Manicure

1. I moved back to my small hometown (which I hate) for a job (which I love). I don't have any friends here, and I have had a really hard time making them. I was miserable until I reconnected with this guy I knew in high school, unfortunately, I knew him as he was my ex-boyfriend's best friend. We started seeing each other, but we didn't want to be seen in public so it wouldn't get back to my ex before anything was serious. Anyway we have been seeing each other for about four months, and we spend every night together. I am so much happier, and I really [...]


Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

I’m engaged to my best friend, a guy who’s always seemed perfect for me. However, during our time together (the better part of a decade) he went back to school. What seemed at the time like an investment in our future has turned into endless unemployment and a terrifying amount of debt. He will never pay it off. He’ll never be able to retire. And he’ll never be able to help support a family.

As a result of watching my parents make bad money decisions, I’ve always been financially responsible. But I can’t be the sole breadwinner. Even if we found a way to make it work, I know [...]


Idle Friends, Gawky Roommates, and the Nap Dream

Last New Year's Eve, a drunken me revealed to a friend (we'll call her Janice) that I thought a guy was really cute (we'll call him Chandler). The next day Janice and her sister made a huge point of informing me that Janice had been interested in Chandler for a while now and knew him since their college days, and blah blah blah, and implied dibs without ever really calling them. Girls are so passive like that. Anyway, I was a nice person and a good friend. I said, "Oh, you should totally go for it! I don't see him very often, I just think he's cute," which was basically true, except that I know that Janice is all wrong [...]


On Adding or Keeping Distances

1. After relocating, I formed a pretty clingy friendship with a woman, June. In a typical day she will call me at least twice and text several times. We get along extremely well. She is funny and bright, if a little co-dependent.

Over the past month, I’ve been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Greg. It started as a friendship, and quickly escalated into something extremely intense. It is both the best sex I’ve ever had (seriously, like four-hour sessions minimum) and the first time I think I’ve ever had serious romantic feelings for anyone in my adult life. I’m 27, I’ve never been in love, and I’m terrified of [...]


Lingerers, Admirers, and Silent Girl

I'm writing on behalf of A Few Friends, as we're all dealing with this issue: our friend Asdf has been bringing her cousin Qwerty to hang out, and Qwerty takes a lot of energy to be around, to put it mildly. This person 1) only talks to the men in a group (she is straight) and barely makes eye contact with the women; 2) likes to start conversations about “that time I swear I almost turned a gay guy straight lol” and “that time in college I was topless lol” and will drop these subjects into the conversation regardless of the topic; 3) gets pissy when people (in particular, [...]


Unmet Demands and the Eternal "Are You Sure You're Sure You're Sure?"

Hey there, I've got a question. My long-term boyfriend and I are absolutely inseparable. We talk about anything and everything, and our communication is great. I'm a very, very sexual person and if something isn't right I'm not afraid to speak up. For the past few months I've had little to no oral sex because he just doesn't do it right. I've been trying to teach him for months. I've even demonstrated on him what I want him to do, to no avail. He just licks it. I've literally said "Suck on the clitoris" and he just makes a weird clicking noise, no saliva just dry lips. It makes [...]


On Second Chances

I have a question. When does a guy merit a second chance, and under what circumstances? 

For a bit of background — I was the ex-boyfriend who cheated. We were in a long-distance relationship, I was stressed out from school and she was stressed out from work. I had convinced myself that disposable one-night stands were different from kissing or flirting with girls I knew or liked, girls toward whom I put up giant flashing "unavailable" signs. I was wrong. I know that now, but had convinced myself then that it wasn't as bad. She was my first real girlfriend (of more than three months), so while I'd like [...]


Face Moles, "Perfection," and Shifting Dynamics

SO, I have kind of an issue. I think I have a pretty decent face, well I've been told I have a pretty decent face, but I can't seem to keep a guy long enough to actually DO anything, if you know what I mean. I think its because of this super awkward mole I have, I don't want to say exactly where it is, so I'll leave that up to you to decide. But I think its really putting guys off. I mean I keep everything else in that general area pretty well kept, but its like the moment they see it they just lose all interest. I [...]


Delicate Subjects, Erratic Cycles, and the "Best Friend"

So I know that as women our bodies are always changing, from puberty all the way to menopause with key stops at acne, slowing metabolism, pregnancy, etc., but a few of my friends and I have been experiencing something else that's odd. We're all in our mid-20s (I refuse to call 26 late-20s but I guess it's approaching it) and our periods have become … slightly erratic. Not crazy, something's-wrong erratic, but some of us have been complaining that our periods aren't quite as dependable as they used to be. Some of us are on the pill, some aren't. I myself have started to notice that, while I used to wake [...]