One Year Later, "Beast Jesus" Is Still Transforming Lives

Via The Week, a happy ending to last August's tale of 81-year-old Cecilia Gimenez and her spectacular amateur restoration of a 19th-century fresco—"originally named Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) but now widely known as Ecce Mono (Behold the Monkey)"—in her small church in Borja, Spain. A few details from the miniature economic boom:

40,000 Visitors who have shown up in Borja to behold Gimenez's handiwork for themselves.

5,000 Population of Borja.

$1.30 The entry fee to see the fresco. The money goes to the town's Sancti Spiritus charity.

$66,285 Amount the fees and other donations from tourists have provided to the church's charity.

60 Elderly Borja residents [...]


Dude Doodles

This is one of those ancient-in-Internet-years tidbits that's turning back up now for some reason, but it's also a lovely scroll: Illustrator David Jablow found a '60s-era doodle packet some years back and a book came out of it.

Printed on each of the 39 sheets was a woman minus a few body parts and the phrase "do it yourself Doodler." I decided to make use of each of these sheets using some ink pens and occasionally whiteout.

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6-Second Loop of Woman with Broken Foot Scootering in Circles Around Jay-Z (Vine, 2013)

Jay-Z has been performing "Picasso Baby," a track from Magna Carta Holy Grail, at Manhattan's Pace Gallery for the past four hours or so. He'll reportedly do it for six total, because of art. Marina Abramovich has been hanging out and dancing with him, and so have a lot of other famous people and not-famous people, and it seems like this will all eventually turn into a pretty music video some time soon. For now, though, this clip is really the only thing I'm interested in. Bold prediction: this woman will be the first and last human to pull off this move in world history.

Vine via [...]


Relation Ships


Paper Trail, Papier Mashups: The Art of Quilling

The first piece of quilling art I saw was a rendering of the twist dance scene from Pulp Fiction made out of coiled paper that managed to capture both the slinky wiggling and cigarette smoke wisps alike.

The Pulp Fiction homage wasn't just the first quilling art I'd seen though; it was actually the first time I was ever aware of quilling. Quilling is fairly under the radar, which is strange for such a distinctive art. The process involves taking long thin strips of paper and coiling them into different designs. It dates back to European monasteries in the Renaissance and enjoyed a brief resurgence in the Victorian era as a [...]


Ballerina Problems


Swim With Mr. Darcy

From The Guardian:

The notorious scene in the nation's favourite BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, in which Colin Firth as Mr Darcy emerges wet-shirted and dripping from the lake of his country estate after an impromptu swim, has been celebrated in the shape of a 12-foot sculpture of the romantic hero.

The statue of superhuman proportions has been temporarily installed in the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, London, and will tour the UK before settling at its final home in Lyme Park, Cheshire, where the eye-catching scene was filmed.

Photo via taylorherringpr/flickr.


Cheryl and Oprah's Daily Affirmations, Featuring Anthony Weiner

Inspired by Cheryl Richardson's "Daily Affirmations" on Oprah's Life Class.


Contemporary Artists Invite You to "Do It"

The Manchester Art Gallery, not to be confused with the Manchester Museum of Spinning Statue Infamy, has been running an exhibition called Do It, a 20-year-old project in which contemporary artists invite the public to stop saying "I mean, I could do that" and start saying "I mean, I could do that." Via the Guardian:

Ai Weiwei offers instructions on how to disable an overhead CCTV surveillance camera, using a can of spray paint (to squirt over the lens) attached to a long stick, operated using a corkscrew and a length of wire. He gives full instructions about how to build the device. Every home [...]


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