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Revisiting ‘Borat’: Tired Collection of Catchphrases or Groundbreaking Comedy?

“Jagshemash. My name-a Borat. I like you. I like sex. It’s nice.”

“No Favored Frocks”

“I have never witnessed a brawl break out at a fashion show. I’ve seen a lot of things happen, but brawling fashion hooligans, I have not witnessed.”

Short Profiles Of Candy Mascots

Menaces all.

We Need To Talk About The New Elena Ferrante Book

Delayed gratification.

Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Forgive My Narcissistic Mother?

Many wear poisoned hats & dwell in poisoned bodies. These beings are not yrs to forgive.

Aaliyah, “Are You That Somebody”

Aaliyah, “Are You That Somebody”

Cinderella Vs. Alice

On marrying royalty.

“The Most Timeless Songs Of All Time”

It’s “No Diggity.”


Today in amazing things you can buy.

“The Internet Is Even Scarier Than You Think”


Nightclub Fantasies, Shattered


How To Write A Wedding Toast

*cue weeping*

Suzi Quatro, “Your Mamma Won’t Like Me”

Suzi Quatro, “Your Mamma Won’t Like Me”

Moments In This Panda Sex Essay When I Was Like “Same”

Learning is fun!

Why Teenage Girls Do Evil

Not because Slender Man.

“The Meaning of Serena Williams”

‘‘You don’t understand me,’’ Serena Williams said with a hint of impatience in her voice. ‘‘I’m just about winning.’’

Happy National Duck Out For A Drink Day 2015


“Aloha”: Reliving This Decade’s Worst Movie Catastrophe

A roundtable discussion on “Aloha,” a STRONG contender for the worst film ever made.

Specific Fears, Ranked

You have every reason to be scared.

Experience the Power of Beautiful Hair. Every Day.

See how model Karlie Kloss starts her day.