Deftones, “My Own Summer”

Deftones, “My Own Summer”

White Women Detective TV Shows, Ranked by Misandry and Interest to Dumb Men

Do you enjoy a misandrist police procedural? Of course you do. But often—in fact, usually—even the greatest misandrist will have a dumb man in her life. That’s heterosexuality for you!

Interactive Poetry

“Bring to mind a shattered romance and make marks toward it.”

Scenes Of Horror Happening All Around Us Right Now, Ranked

Natural torture porn.

Beach Looks To Consider

Old photos of hot people being hot at the beach, very relevant to my interests.

Alternative Names For Summer Bugs

Fear not.

Vocal Fries: Now With 10% Less Internalized Misogyny

Dipping sauces include Raspy Ranch and more!

The UK’s Best Newspaper Columnist Is… Steve Canavan

Sometimes you need a little break from the horrors of local crime and unemployment news, particularly if you live in a place like Blackpool, the crime-ridden seaside resort north of Liverpool. “The Inverness of the south,” I think they call it. Fortunately, they have that in Steve Canavan, a BBC Sport writer and hometown hero.

Ask Baba Yaga: Am I Insatiable?

“There is only yr body, which listens to the earth as best it can.”

Thundercat, “Them Changes”

Thundercat, “Them Changes”

Loneliness Vs. Boredom

Stay away from lust.

9 Recent Male Fashion Trends, Ranked

Some great options for your fall look.

Where We Are: A Journey Through Teen Fandom

“For a long time I lived a double life. Most of my preteen and teen years were spent trying to be as alternative as possible, which meant actively hating things that everyone else liked, especially when it came to music. I went to emo shows in basement venues during all-ages nights, but also put songs from hit music radio on my iPod Mini and prayed no one would find out.”

“When sex toys start looking less like severed organs, it gets easier for consumers to take them seriously.”

Let’s talk about dicks, baby.

“The Fuckbois of Vine”

A column that is a real window into the six-second hearts and minds of Teens.

If “Brokeback Mountain” Were A Child It Would Be In Fifth Grade

“It’s funny how recent it was, but at the time we were very far away from this burgeoning humanist moment that we’re having now with gay rights.”

The Nanny Did It (Him)

This is literally why there are tabloid magazines.

Did You Know All The Vine Stars Live In The Same Building In Hollywood???

“Vine stardom” was the next logical terrible conclusion.

Purse Doomed Due To Not-Nice-Enough Murdering Of Alligators

“Yeast Infection” In 17 Different Languages, Ranked