Thrill to the Music of Michael Jackson

So We Can Weather Any Storm

An interview with the publisher of Drawn+Quarterly, Peggy Burns.

How To Do Sex And Stuff

We’re all kind of fumbling in the dark (pun intended).

Karin Krog, “Mr. Joy”

Karin Krog, “Mr. Joy”

“Screaming Corn Pops Who Are Tearing Apart Society”

Minions: the Target graphic tees of the internet.

Great Songs That Are Sexist, Part 1

You know what? Fine. I like some sexist songs.

99 Problems, Romantic Fuck-Ups, And Comfortable Shoes

“A few romantic fuck-ups are a must for any well-rounded life.”

“The World’s First Robot With Feelings Is a Big Hit”

Turn off your read receipts.

Janet Jackson, “No Sleeep”

A song about anticipation.

Ask A Married Lady: Can I Have A Non-Monogamous Relationship Without Jealousy?

Yes. But also no.

32 Special Feelings, Ranked

8. Saving sext for later

Digging In The Facebook Archives

On Monday February 9, 2004 at 11:12pm, I registered for the site from my own dorm room in Harvard Yard.

What follows are the very first unsolicited messages I received from dudes, mostly upperclassmen. I was a freshman. Personal information has been redacted, but timestamps and subject lines are preserved.

James Salter, 1925-2015

Reading and recommending books that will break your heart.

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

Let’s go to the park.

Teaching Affirmative Consent


Further Reading

A few selected pieces on Charleston.

BizZarh, “Dragon”

Life is but a dream.

Towards A Theory Of White Jeans

Should I buy white jeans? An investigation.

How To Live Alone

A guide to nesting in your own byproducts.

Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Stop Eating Sweets?

Please help me and my decadent indulgence.