“Zadie Smith to co-write space adventure with French director Claire Denis”

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Are You My MOM?

Celebrities are saints and we’re lighting novelty prayer candles with their faces on them.

“No Union Is More Profound Than Marriage”

A few selected readings on the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling.

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

It’s important to have reasonable weekend goals.

16 Best Places To Have Imaginary Conversations, Ranked

The best places to conduct a conversation…in your mind.

Watch “What Happened, Miss Simone?”

A documentary that doesn’t impose itself.

Visine Is The Most Important Beauty Product I Own Right Now

I’m tiiiiiirrrreeeeeeedddddd.

Róisín Murphy, “Evil Eyes”

Róisín Murphy, “Evil Eyes”

“Troll Detective”

“A private tragedy turned public pastime.”

Male Vulnerability

About that “masculine pathetic.”

How To Wear Underwear

You can’t judge a book by the cover, but you can probably judge boobs by their bras.

“Are you ever worried your friends aren’t being honest with you about your taste in fashion?”

The machines have spoken and they think your shoes are ugly.

Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Keep Politics From Destroying My Relationship With My Family?

“They are on one side of the river ; you are on the other.”

Frank Ocean, “Monks”


An Abridged List Of Books I’ll Be Curbing This Afternoon

Guess what, they’re yours!!

So…What Is Poetry? An Interview With Damian Rogers

Damian Rogers explains poetry.

Thrill to the Music of Michael Jackson

So We Can Weather Any Storm

An interview with the publisher of Drawn+Quarterly, Peggy Burns.

How To Do Sex And Stuff

We’re all kind of fumbling in the dark (pun intended).

Karin Krog, “Mr. Joy”

Karin Krog, “Mr. Joy”