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In The Medium Future

Where The Hairpin goes next.

BRYCE, “Burning Out”

Some News About The Hairpin

Guess what it is!

This Holiday Season at the Hairpin

Oh hello.

Everything We Think About Tom Cruise Is Totally Wrong

We think of this guy who is always a hero, always cocky, always right— but if we look at what he’s doing, he’s never that.

Spike Jonze’s Weirdo Fashion Show Play

What is happening, Spike Jonze?

Rashida Jones on Her Porn Doc, “Hot Girls Wanted”

“Every day, a hot girl turns 18.”

How to Make Pork Buns

Steam it. Fry it. Brown it. Eat it.

Yayoi Kusama Gets Reviewed by Kids

Yayoi Kusama’s harshest critics.

Why Are All These Baby Sea Lions Starving?

Meet the woman who’s saving sea lion pups.

Why Can’t Women Snowboarders Make a Living?

“We’re definitely the baddest girls in the game.”

The Homeless-Helping Superheroes of Montreal

What else would you wear to go help homeless people in winter?

How the Pink Gang Fights Sexual Assault in India

This Man Made His Penis Enormous and Now He’s Being Objectified

There is such a thing as too big.

Red Squirrels Living In Your House Having A Ball

These red squirrels were taken in when their nest blew down and now they just RUN AROUND ALL OVER YOU INSIDE? But soon they have to go back and be free outside.

Meet the Woman Who Designed Atari’s “Centipede”

Dona Bailey, programming queen, worked for GM—and then discovered Space Invaders.

The First Wives Club Franchise

A League of Their Own

Sunset Boulevard

Safe Nominees in Safe Movies: A Roundtable Discussion on the 2015 Oscar Nominations