Superstition: The Right Way

Haven’t scrawled out your resolutions yet? It might be time to pick up the good book. The Cassell Dictionary of Superstitions (1996), by David Pickering, I mean — it's full of ideas to help you become the person you want to be in 2012. Auld lange syne. READ MORE

A Very Special Junk-Shop Gift Guide

Stop it with the big-box stores, you guys. Here’s a shopping tip: your local junk shops and thrift stores have thousands of gifts that your loved ones don’t even know they didn’t want. For example, the junk shop where I work has it all for every special person in your life, including this Gumby arrangement — a good option for your beach bum friend who also likes leafless plastic plants. READ MORE

Yearbook Poetry

I found this 1990 grade school yearbook the other day at the junk shop where I work, and it's a mimeographed goldmine of clip art, candid photos, and unedited student poetry. Please enjoy. READ MORE

Nine Important Lessons From What Is a WIFE

Are you married? Getting married? Not going to get married, but feel like you’re married? Were you in a love triangle, but have decided to choose you and so are marrying yourself? This book is for you! It tells you what wife means. Here are nine lessons about wives and one about men. READ MORE

The Best Worst Stuff People Tried to Sell at the Junk Shop

I work in a junk shop in a far northside neighborhood in Chicago. We buy, sell, trade ... the whole nine. The “buy” part means we get plenty of characters looking to unload stuff for cash. Sometimes itʼs awesome stuff like antique silver, World War II memorabilia, or vintage furniture, but other times itʼs a trash bag full of empty DVD cases and an open package of Kotex Overnight Ultra Thin With Wings. READ MORE