25,000 Postcards of America in the 1930s and 1940s

The Boston Public Library's Flickr account has an amazing collection of postcards from the '30s and '40s, all published by a Boston firm called Tichnor Brothers, and you can search them by state: Florida, from whence came Ma and Pa Pelican, has over 3,000 postcards in the archive. [Via] READ MORE

"Furler wrote Rihanna's 'Diamonds' in 14 minutes"

The New York Times Magazine profiled Sia Furler, the brilliant and press-averse singer/songwriter who last year appeared on the cover of Billboard with a paper bag on her head: READ MORE

The Grammar of an Upworthy Headline

Here's a great piece by Michael Reid Roberts, up at the American Reader: READ MORE

In Praise of Dirrty-Era Christina Aguilera

Into the Gloss put together a slideshow of 2000-2005 Christina Aguilera, which is Assless Chaps Christina Aguilera, Donatella Versace Christina Aguilera, grimy black braids in the weave Christina Aguilera, Mi Reflejo Christina Aguilera, trashy-as-feminist-praxis Christina Aguilera—which is all the Best Christina Aguilera, don't you agree?

Coffee Keeps You Honest

For this study [...] volunteers who had been kept awake all night were divided into two groups. All were asked to chew gum in the morning, but one group got a plain wintergreen placebo, while the other chomped on gum laced with 200 milligrams of caffeine, or about the same amount that's in two cups of black coffee. The participants were then put in situations where researchers "encouraged them to go along with a lie in order to earn some extra money," Christian says. "We tried to replicate a situation where a boss or a peer was pressuring them to cut ethical corners at work." READ MORE

Prince, "The Breakdown"

This is going to be a big year for Prince: he's back with Warner Bros (18 years since he left, dramatically), he's got the rights to his back catalogue, and he'll be releasing a new album and reissuing Purple Rain for its 30th anniversary. On Friday after announcing the Warner Bros deal he dropped this new single, a falsetto funk power ballad. Maybe the I used to want the house with the biggest pooooool line is a reference to Drake?

Friday Open Thread

As we approach the end of another Friday I've got a serious question: did anyone else's week go really weirdly, perhaps due to blood moon? Mine was pretty weird. But luckily there is this very special weekend we've got coming up and in case you need some reading material there's been lots of good stuff this week, like: READ MORE

The Stupid Trendy Cocktail Bar Name Generator

Remember Hairpin pal Lauren Hallden's online dating loren ipsum text generator? ("Glass half-full using my farmshare. Netflix my eyes Woody Allen stepping outside your comfort zone, if you're still reading this medical school happy hour too many to list tattoos. I'm just a regular guy I enjoy making lasagna from scratch pickles fascinates me.") Now she's gone and done it again with trendy cocktail bars: the first ones I got were "Pistol & Hoof," "Bull & Hatchet" and "Brim & Crumble." Story checks out! [Name My Bar]

"He is an old patient and we had to be careful. We found 12 gold bars lying in a stack in his stomach."

Twelve bars of gold have been recovered from the stomach of a businessman in the Indian capital, Delhi, a surgeon treating him has said. The 63-year-old man was admitted to hospital after complaining of vomiting and difficulty defecating. He told his doctor that he had swallowed a bottle cap in anger, after a fight with his wife. But when surgeons operated they found gold bars weighing nearly 400g (14oz) in his stomach.  READ MORE

Now You Can Get Divorced Online

"The average cost of a divorce in this country is $27,000. The average cost of Wevorce is $10,000." [FastCo]