Girl Talk: Jake Muller

I am a chronic late gamer. I don't know why I do it (maybe some sort of contrary reaction to the update-your-personal-blog-with-detailed-review-the-day-after-the-midnight-release zeitgeist?), but even in the case of games I purchase for full price upon release, I tend to play the intro, turn the game off for the night, and then fail to return to it for about half a year, at which time I actually get into playing it and wonder why I neglected it for so long. True to form, I followed this pattern with Resident Evil 6—bought it, started playing, died horribly when I botched a quick time event, turned my Xbox off, and didn't think about it again until my sister-in-law persuaded me to play it with her eight months later. READ MORE

Video Game Valentines


Girl Talk: Dante

Prior to this month, I had never played any of the Devil May Cry games, and paid zero attention to news and speculation about the series' reboot. I actually managed to remain entirely unaware that a new Devil May Cry game was coming out at all until I received this month's issue of Game Informer. (Yes, I still get it in the mail.) I noticed that they gave DmC: Devil May Cry a 9/10 review, made it their game of the month, and, more importantly, accompanied the review with this picture:  READ MORE

Girl Talk: Nathan Drake

I know, I know, December is over, 2012 is history, and we've all forgotten everything that happened during the last month. At this point we're only two cards short of a full Girl Talk Secret Diary deck, however, and I am not about to let 2012 slip away without commenting on a hot video game dude. Consider this a belated, Nathan Drake-shaped Christmas present! READ MORE

Girl Talk: Alyx Vance

As I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner last week, I had a number of things to be grateful for — family, food, shelter, the usual; the persistence of my friend Bethany, who finally convinced me to play Half-Life 2; and Alyx Vance. Guys, I've got it bad. READ MORE

Girl Talk: Garcia Hotspur

All alone on Halloween night? Still looking for something (or someone) to do? You, my friend, are in luck. Meet the perfect Halloween boyfriend: Garcia Hotspur of Shadows of the Damned. READ MORE

Girl Talk: Companion Cube

Oh Companion Cube, weighted block dearest to my heart. Your steadfast devotion has seen me through years of stasis, countless taunts from murderous A.I.s, and so, so many portals. READ MORE

Girl Talk: Raz

As summer draws to a close, it's time to reminisce fondly about our experiences in the psychic dojo that is Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. (Or if you have a PS3 and haven't played it, chat about the experiences you WILL have if you have the good sense to download Psychonauts now that it's available.) READ MORE

Girl Talk: Niko

Aside from contributing to the moral degeneration of the modern world by teaching the children how to jack cars and murder innocent pedestrians (not all of whom are hookers) AND being incredibly fun to play, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has introduced some memorable dudes for our consideration. Due to my initial media-influenced impression that the games involved much more prostitute-slaying than they actually do and frustration with my lack of immediate "driving" ability, I never played more than a few minutes of GTA Vice City and San Andreas at a time. Their protagonists, however, still managed to make an impression on me. Nobody wears a Hawaiian shirt like Tommy Vercetti, and Carl Johnson is fiiiine (especially when the player squeezes in some gym time). I even have a completely mistaken remembrance of a minor Vice City rock star being a hottie because he was voiced by Kevin McKidd and my ex replayed the game while Rome was on HBO. None of these guys, however, convinced me to play the games until I was nudged in the direction of one Niko Bellic. READ MORE

Women and Video Games: Robin Hunicke

Robin Hunicke has worked for Electronic Arts and thatgamecompany to design and produce a number of video games, including MySims, Boom Blox, and Journey, and she's currently working on a new project for Tiny Speck. She's also working to finish a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and, along with two colleagues, in 2008 created the Mechanics-Dynamics-Aesthetics framework to better analyze game design. READ MORE