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Kanye West, "Only One"

What huh no I don't know these aren't tears there are absolutely no fluids exiting my eyeballs at this moment I mean how do I know that you're not crying oh God I gotta go. READ MORE

I mean, I often sit in my bath and think, "You know what element is missing here? Something...tangy."

Jessica Pratt, "On Your Own Love Again"

Jessica Pratt's second album was released yesterday and I like it very much—I think you would like it too! READ MORE

Things I Would Like To Own, Please and Thank You

I will gratefully accept this gift should anyone be looking for a material way to prove their love for me. Suggested occasions: my birthday, Valentine's Day, a particularly shitty Tuesday, Favorite Blog Editor Day (which is not yet a thing because Barack Obama won't answer my letters but I am optimistic about our chances), bribes, etc.

"Hm Yes Good Point, Scientists, But Have You Considered: It's Really Cute?"

Rihanna, "FourFiveSeconds"

Keeping Up Appearances

Abercrombie & Fitch went public in 1996. It had about 125 stores, sales of $335 million, and profits of almost $25 million. Jeffries wrote a 29-page “Look Book” for the sales staff. Women weren’t allowed to wear makeup or colored nail polish. Most jewelry was forbidden. So were tattoos. Hair had to be natural and preferably long. Men couldn’t have beards or mustaches. The only greeting allowed was: “Hey, what’s going on?” Store managers spent one day a week at their local college campus recruiting kids with the right look. They started with the fraternities, sororities, and sports teams. Managers forwarded photos of potential employees to headquarters for approval... READ MORE

True Patriot Love

*a single tear falls from my eye as I solemnly start singing the Canadian national anthem.

The Invisible Woman

Towards the end of the record, there is a Buddhist sentiment about the obstacle being the path. You sing, "Don’t remove my pain, it’s my chance to heal." That’s how we figure things out, isn’t it? That the only way out is through, that having things be easier is not helpful in the long run. READ MORE

Elizabeth Hardwick on Tone, Narrative, Popular Soap Operas circa 1978-1991

A very smart interview on writing and fiction, plus an offhand remark about Dallas that is either a major compliment or an exceptionally sick burn: Elizabeth Hardwick was a queen.