Things I've Recently Seen/Read/Done/Enjoyed/Ruined

Here is a list of things, both on and off the Internet, that have recently amused me: READ MORE

A Life Well-Lived: An Interview with Anne Helen Petersen

In 2011, Anne Helen Petersen wrote a Hairpin post about Ingrid Bergman. If this was a movie about Anne's life that's when the success montage would start. Since then, Anne has written about all kinds of celebrities—scandalous and virtuous, living and deceased, celebrities who are still strong cultural presences and the ones who have faded away. READ MORE

Happy Birthday, Critique My Dick Pic

Thursday was the one-year birthday of Critique My Dick, Hairpin contributor Madeleine Holden's attempt to "rid the world of dull, artless dick pics." Thank you, Madeleine, for all that you do; our dick pics can only go up from here.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

I've had a theory for awhile that the greatest American fashion designers must, as a rule, be born and raised outside of the United States. I don't mean "greatest" in terms of actual greatness, because that is subjective, and I'm not going to argue about whether Alexander Wang is more indicative of American fashion than Tory Burch because that's a losing game. I mean greatness in terms of which fashion designers can adequately sum up "America!" as a concept in their seasonal assortment. READ MORE

So No One Told You Life Was Going To Be This Way

9:51 a.m. As I approach the couch, its guardian tells me to put my coffee down. Because it’s the real couch from the show.

Rembert Browne went to the Friends pop-up museum/coffee shop/gift shop in Soho so that we don't have to. Thank you for being a friend, Rembert.

"Has Your Husband Read It?"

Over the weekend I read Love Me Back by Merritt Tierce, mostly because several of my friends had e-mailed me this review by Pooja Bhatia with the following line highlighted: READ MORE

We Are Now A Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Appreciation Blog

During a Q&A session, a fan asked how they felt when people stared. It was amusing, considering the whole cruise was designed for the twins to be stared at constantly. READ MORE


Fashion Week Returns, Yet Again

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. No, jk, today is the first day of New York Fashion Week, which also marks the beginning of Fashion Month – after New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week follow. READ MORE

I'm Very Into You: Chris Kraus on Kathy Acker

By turns languid and frantic, Acker and Wark’s correspondence unfolds as a kind of adult romance: a journey with words through distance toward connection and knowledge. In his second email to Acker, Wark asks: “Do we need to analyze our encounter with each other? Or can we just assume it, and see what kind of dialogue it anchors to a start in time?” Time was among the many productive obstacles to their virtual connection. A difference of seventeen hours lay between them. They inhabited different continents and different days. He had a tenure-track job and various lovers in Sydney; she was about to resume her part-time teaching job at the San Francisco Art Institute. READ MORE