Hello Again.

Hello! I'm Haley, the third editor of The Hairpin. Today is my first "official" day, but since it's a holiday, I'm just posting my introduction, Jazmine's introduction, and then going back to bed. We – and by that I mean myself and all you beautiful, perfect, intelligent, well-dressed, nice-smelling Hairpin readers – will start for real tomorrow. READ MORE

11 Facts About Victoria Grayson's Calligraphy-Covered Fabric Throne

1. The chair lists the names and fears of all her previous assistants. READ MORE

Things I Cannot Do With a 3D iPhone Case

Cannot lay iPhone face-up flat on a table.

Cannot slip iPhone into any pocket on any item of clothing.

Cannot get the sparkle out from the bottom of my bag.

Cannot use iPhone in any sort of professional business setting.

Cannot explain why I have such an item to my boss/colleagues/grandmother/etc.

Cannot figure out how to get it off.

Cannot ever go back to using a regular iPhone case.

Things I can do with a 3D iPhone Case:

Have the coolest fucking iPhone case.


Haley Mlotek likes attaching tacky 3D elements to cell phones and/or body parts.

Things I Cannot Do With 3D Nails

Cannot retrieve keys from small pocket inside purse. READ MORE

Friday Bargain Bin: Intern Edition


Explaining Rob Ford to Americans

Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto. READ MORE

The Best Time I Ate So Many Cookies I Went to the Hospital

The summer I turned 21 was a bad one. I had just finished at beauty school — more on that here — and was working as some sort of hybrid cosmetic sales rep/office administrator at The Hudson’s Bay Company, in Toronto. I floated from counter to counter based on promotional events — one week, I would be at Clinique for their skincare event, the next at Elizabeth Arden for their “buy one, get one” event. I would spend some days on the floor helping the sales people and the rest of the time in the office crunching numbers for the head office. I was starting to realize I didn’t want to be a makeup artist after all, and I definitely didn’t want to do that sort of office work. By the time my birthday rolled around, The Hudson’s Bay Company was in the process of being bought by Lord & Taylor and hours were getting cut, so I was working fewer than 20 hours a week, anxious and stressed, and feeling generally unpleasant. READ MORE