Pins & Needles, "Runaway and Hide"

I saw Pins & Needles perform at the Rookie Yearbook 3 launch party last night, and they were amazing. Tempted to make them the official Hairpin band; formally suggesting they change their name to "Hairpins & Needles;" just an idea, no pressure.

Maybe we learn the most about the “man’s woman” and the “woman’s woman” when we look at the only thing that each of the varying definitions of the terms has in common: a belief that there’s something men want, and something women want—and ne’er the twain shall meet. It’s uncomfortable from a gender-binary perspective, naturally. But it’s just as uncomfortable from where I’m sitting, as someone who firmly identifies as female and who has plenty of traits associated with femininity. For whenever I’ve tried to puzzle out which camp I might belong in, neither one has felt satisfying. The “man’s woman” and the “woman’s woman” are each reactors, not actors in and of themselves. Each of these women fills the needs of others, even the heroic sort of “woman’s woman” who inspires other women—she’s still cast in the terms of others’ needs, not her own.

As always, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano knows just how to respond to seemingly-impossible questions of gender, taste, categories, and celebrity.

2-4-6-8, Who Do We Appreciate? Donna Tartt.

Bless Nicole Cliffe for bringing this to my attention: READ MORE

Writers Writing About Writers (and Musicians, and Artists, and and)

I was in New York a few weeks ago and I did something truly outrageous—I walked into my favorite bookstore, turned to Anna, and was like, "I'm only allowed to buy one book, ok?", and then actually bought only one book. I hope you can appreciate the magnitude of this event because it has, quite literally, never happened before and will probably never happen again. READ MORE

"This over-the-top Toronto mansion has hosted the likes of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Jane Fonda, but its biggest claim to fame is a leading role in the Olsen twins' hit film It Takes Two."

The mansion plays a minor role in the classically brutal Olsen twins' film, but we've pulled out a few cameos throughout the home tour.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have an Olsen Twins Google Alert; I believe Olsen Twins-related links have to come to me naturally, that searching for them dispels their magic. Luckily the universe always provides a way.

As for his own sporting prowess, Wang admitted his passion was very much style based. READ MORE

I really, really loved Top of the Lake, and by loved it I mean I watched the entire first season in two days and by the last episode my boyfriend and I were sitting as far away as possible from each other, on opposite ends of our very tiny couch, totally unable to make eye contact or process our emotions in any sort of healthy way. I'm very excited/terrified to revisit all those feelings during the recently announced second season!!

I love Monica and Brandy’s “The Boy Is Mine”. Every time I listen to it—and it must have been a million times—the harp part at the beginning of the song just captivates me. It’s everything I love about what could be done with electronic music; a human being could not actually play that, and I found that fascinating. I played that quite a bit for a small grandson when he couldn’t settle, and he went quiet instantly. There’s something about the introduction to that song.

Lindsay Zoladz interviews Vashti Bunyan, discusses several important matters, primarily Brandy vs. Monica. It's great. Should we just watch the video real quick?

Quentin Tarantino Explains Things To Me

Today is the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction, a film so devoted to explaining itself that it actually opens with a title card displaying the dictionary definition of "pulp." Watch and learn. READ MORE

Attachable computers will be less expensive to make, provide greater accuracy because sensors will be closer to a person’s body (or even inside us) and offer the most utility, as something people won’t forget to wear.

The fact that this article exists and there is not a single "Long Live The New Flesh" joke is unacceptable and I for one will not stand for it.