How To Take Care Of White Shoes

Consider a pair of white shoes. Try them on. “I don’t know,” you say to your friend, “What do you think?” “They’re nice!” she’ll reply noncommittally. Yell at your friend waiting outside to come look. He is on his phone and doesn’t hear you. Put the shoes back.

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

How was your week? What did you do? What did you wear? I wore sneakers one day!! It was liberating.

How To Dress Like

Sometimes I just want to be told what to do and how to do it. Here’s how to dress like anything.

Grimes, “Vanessa”

A song that gives the impression of being horizontal.

“7 Easy Last-Minute Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know”


A Woman On The Margins

There are some particularly good points in this interview with Vivian Gornick—I like the part where she says that she “didn’t give a shit about women’s sexuality” because she “had orgasms easily” because, like, girl, get it—but I am mostly thinking about how much I’m trying to walk before it gets really, really hot out.

Nao, “Inhale Exhale”

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

What a sexy sex week this has been! Well, I suppose that depends on your definition of “week.” And “sex.” We read The Least Sexy Sex Poem and learned to differentiate between the common slang term for an orgasm and the name of a common spice, which, sure. On the other end of the emotional arousal spectrum, we started our first Hairpin Q&A with our fears: fun!! If you haven’t added yours yet, please do, and also take the time to read through the other answers. It’s like a database of new terrors.

Links and wonderful end of week video after the jump!

Lianne La Havas, “Unstoppable”

Further Reading

Fashion To Die For

bizZarh, “Pangaea”

Good Morning, I’m Awake, I Promise

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

Every Single Outfit* Alicia Florrick Wears In Every Episode Of “The Good Wife”

Jenny Hval, “The Battle Is Over”

What’s Happening With My Nails?

Kanye West, “Hey Mama”

Mothers & Moms