Fathers Head To The Kitchen

Mr. Kreisberg is a freelance copy writer, a husband and a father. He is also a member of what he and other men describe as an often overlooked portion of the population: the growing number of working dads who cook. READ MORE

How To Write An Email

Mary Beard knows everything about everything, so if she says she knows the right and wrong way to send an email, I believe her. READ MORE

Go Ask Colette

I mean, of course Colette had an advice column in Marie Claire between 1939 and 1940. I don't even know why I'm surprised. The Believer has a few excerpts on their blog taken from a collection of previously untranslated works; I liked this one best, her response to a twenty-year-old woman who couldn't decide between her safe, reasonable fiancé and some guy who sounds really hot. READ MORE

Things We Need Words For

Alexandra Molotkow is a beautiful genius in all regards, so of course she's the person we need to point out the words the English language is still lacking: READ MORE

Perfection Achieved

Solange Knowles: most perfect person on Earth? Please submit your 5,000-word essay arguing why Solange Knowles has, in fact, achieved a new level of perfection previously unknown by humanity, using her recently released wedding photos as proof.

Love Yourself the Way Drake Loves the Toronto Raptors Mascot


"In an elegant stroke of free-market irony, self-proclaimed enemy of feminism Ayn Rand has become a girl-power commodity several decades after her death."

I mean, it's just like that classic Coco Chanel saying: before you leave the house, take off the last thing you put on that has a mangled quotation from an Ayn Rand novel printed on it.

Canadian Man Wins Canadian Prize

Sean Michaels, the author of Us Conductors, won the Giller Prize last night; and that's very nice news!! It's a novel based on the Russian scientist Lev Termen, the inventor of the theremin, which is a weird thing I only just found out about when I found out about the book. Read more books about weird inventions, that's my motto. You can read an excerpt here. READ MORE

Selfies Explained

What is the selfie? How is the selfie? Why is the selfie? Where is the selfie? Who is a selfie? Have you seen my selfie? How should a selfie be? Is my selfie a selfie? Is my selfie feminist? What do we talk about when we talk about selfies? Can the selfie take a selfie so selfie even it cannot selfie?

Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

GOOD AFTERNOON. Jazmine is away, taking a much-deserved long weekend, so I am honoring her by: READ MORE