The Toy Fair

• The Toy Fair isn't for kids. The show's held yearly at the Javits Center, Manhattan's main convention facility (a.k.a. massive gray box), and it's full of serious adults in business suits with corporate accounts. It's not supposed to be fun. We'll see about that! READ MORE

War Horse: An Illustrated Review

I could write an entire book about horses and how into them I am, but let's just say that I was a horse from ages eight to fourteen. Former classmates still ask me, "Were you that girl who drew ponies and crawled around on all fours ALL the time?" You guys, I've seen a lot of horse movies. READ MORE

What Dogs Want


Drive: An Illustrated Response

I like Ryan Gosling. I liked him in The Notebook, Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, and Google Image Search. And driving around LA at night while listening to pop music is my favorite thing on Earth, so seeing Drive was a no-brainer. READ MORE

Fashion Week Animals in Hats


Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A Response

I don’t get it. Why do people love monkeys so much? Chimpanzees aren’t cute, they look like old men with hormonal imbalances, and they’re uncanny and creepy. Plus, their hair looks wiry and unpleasant to touch, doesn’t it? And yeah, I know that monkeys and apes aren’t the same thing, but I lump them together as the poop-hurlers of the animal kingdom. READ MORE

Rumors I've Heard About Anna Wintour