How to Date Your Plants

A few weeks ago, the Times had a fun interview with writer-gardener Helen Yoest about her new book, "Plants With Benefits: An Uninhibited Guide to the Aphrodisiac Herbs, Fruits, Flowers, and Veggies in Your Garden." I emailed her this week to learn more about these racy plants.  READ MORE

The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

BAMcinématek's "Vengeance Is Hers" film series starts tonight in Brooklyn, and if after reading the useful synopses on their site you'd like some more-superficial guidance for picking which to watch — here you go. READ MORE

My Special Friend

It was our third date, and things had been going well. We hadn't run out of stories to share with each other, he made me laugh, and it seemed like all our interests aligned. It just felt easy, the way they say it’s supposed to when it's right. I’d never really believed that stuff, but then there we were. June 2010. He smiled at me across the table. I smiled back. Then he put down his wine glass. READ MORE

Fun With Charts

Each??? :D

No, but here's an infographic about dating and being single, and who doesn't want all three of those things at the same time. But also if you're an Android-owning thirtysomething redheaded computer technician in Miami, hopefully you're having at least as much fun as they say you are.

"Singles in America" is the result of Match.com's survey of "5,300 singles from all ages, ethnicities, incomes and walks of life from across the nation."

This Roll Is on Fire

Right when you think this sushi-related post on Seamless's blog is probably going to end, it keeps right on going! Unless you paid attention to the title. Has anyone ever made a sushi Rubik's cube?

An Excuse to Post This Nice Version of "Wild Heart"?

The “American Horror Story” episode was called “The Magical World of Stevie Nicks.” Have magical things happened to you?

The Times calls up Stevie Nicks on the occasion of her In Your Dreams documentary (out now). Also from the interview: READ MORE

Pocket Horror

The Scary Short Film Fest: potentially fun, depending on your horror-movie appetite/tolerance? Wes Craven is judging, Studio 360 is hosting, and submissions have to be anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds. You can shoot them "on Vine, Instagram, Super 8, or using any other method to create an original film" (although you're eventually supposed to submit via YouTube or Vimeo), and the theme is "young genius." All submissions so far can be watched here. READ MORE

You Can Give ME All Your Diamonds, Though!

Once upon a time there was an amazing article about diamonds (which is also here), although now you don't even have to read it anymore. READ MORE

Thank You, Dinosaur Erotica

I would like to salute the women who created dinosaur erotica this year. Most of the very short e-books are about cave-women-type people who engage in various sex acts with dinosaurs. Not because they have dinosaur fetishes (at least not that they know of, at first! ahhhh I love it), but because they get caught in unexpected hunting situations, etc. (putting aside that people and dinosaurs didn't live at the same time. PROBABLY). For instance, the opening of Taken By the T-Rex: READ MORE

Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

Jennifar Ann, 16 yrs
Hobby: Swimming
Best friend: Kristin
Boyfriend: Tony
Lives: Miami READ MORE