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Pied Pipers

And a rat.

“why I’m interested in the slime mould”

The creeping of The Creeping Garden.

Dream Fish


“in fact, it was exacerbating their dehydration”

1. “Lost at sea.” 2. Weeks later, just in case…

Grape Fiends

Bird “adoptions.”

Parmesan Bread

Today I would like to make these fancy toasts.

The Great Gingerbread Baking Contest

Behold the results of the 23rd annual National Gingerbread House Competition.

Meteor Shower Tonight

You can also watch it online.

Excerpts From Wikipedia’s “Friday the 13th” Page

“The superstition surrounding this day may have arisen in the Middle Ages…”

Soup for Lunch

How about … another long article about the microbiome!

Trifle With Me

Kate Beaton’s Tale of the Coxcomb.

Missy Elliott, “WTF (Where They From)”

Sparking the great personalized-marionette craze of 2015?

Origami GIFs

It’s National Origami Day.

Thinking About Bathroom Accessories

As usual.

The Mist

–.- .-. …- ..–..


Happy Nacho Day.

Meditating With the Internet

“It’ll sound lamer than it is.”

How About Some Fiddle Music

Natalie MacMaster and family!

The Ring

A woman clicks onto a page.