Happy Hour: Booooo(ze)

Sure, it's kind of a bummer not to celebrate Halloween by making your neighbors give you candy. And, as some of us learned last year, that dressing your cat up as a baby and telling your neighbors that it's really your child dressed as a very realistic cat only gets you sad looks, and very few miniature Snickers. READ MORE

Happy Hour: Happy Trails

One from the mailbag:

I've got a general booze question. I'm going on a long (53 km/33 mi) hike this summer. On shorter hikes I would bring beer or tetrapacks of wine, but I'm hiking with a big group and there is no way in hell I am bringing wine in, not even the first 12.5 km. I'd like to bring a small flask of something that isn't scotch/jager/vodka/etc., because I'll have no mix and I really don't enjoy pure unadulterated booze. So basically I need something reasonably strong, but reasonably palatable.

There are moments in life when one has to ask the question, "what do I like putting in my mouth?" This is one of those moments. If you like drinking it, then drink it. 

I've never gone on a major hike, but I did once carry a 50-pound suitcase down a flight of stairs, and I definitely needed a drink after that. My treat of choice is a gin martini or a gin anything, really, but if you're not into hard liquor, this is probably not the way to go. But! There are a few workarounds that will still get you buzzed enough that you won't even care that you're sleeping in a tent probably only a few feet away from something that wants to eat your face.

Anyway, here are some options. (When you go, can you please take a Woman Laughing Alone While Hiking photo and send it to us?!)

  • Try flavored liquor. Red Stag would probably be my #1 choice, and though you said no liquor, I'd be surprised if you didn't like this one. Red Stag is Jim Beam's black cherry flavored bourbon, and it tastes like Cherry Coke. So sip slowly.
  • Give liqueur a go, like PAMA (pomegranate-flavored) or St. Germain (elderflowers). These are two of my favorites, because they both taste really fresh.
  • Port? Port! Higher alcohol content than wine but super yummy (to a fault, almost). And don't skimp here with the cheap stuff. My favorite is Sandeman's tawny.
  • Oooor bring a flask of tequila AND a some lemon-lime Gatorade powder mix. Electrolytes? More like electro-RIGHTS!
  • Powdered beer!? I'm not a beer fan, so the thought of powdered beer isn't super appealing, but it exists, so I'm telling you.
  • Crystal Light powder + a flask of Bacardi 151 + water, to taste.


Outdoorsy drinkers, please share your favorite flask drink in the comments. My outdoorsy-ness experience is limited to activities that happen in the backseats of cars.

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