Family Budget Items We Could Spend the $48,000 Value of an Oscar Gift Bag On

- 943 XL cases of Pampers Swaddlers READ MORE

That Baby Wants to Break You Up

“The baby is trying to break us up,” my husband announced. “And we have to work together to defeat him.” Once he put it like that, I actually felt better about the whole thing. While I was pregnant, I felt closer to Steve than I ever had before, and that was saying something. Together for 10 years, we'd always been best friends, and we looked forward to what lay ahead with a gratitude that we’d be going through it together. But once the kid was outside of me, that warm anticipation frayed away to raw nerves, irritability, and fear. I had always been so confident in my relationship with my husband, but now it felt like we were struggling just to get along, let alone be in love anymore. Plus, we had a healthy baby and supportive parents nearby; no real problems to speak of. What would happen if we confronted a real challenge? But once Steve put it that way, it made it seem like it was us against the world (or, in this case, a chubby-cheeked 12-pound nugget), and I felt a little better. READ MORE

Inadvertently Mocking the Dead

I think everyone who lives in Chicago has rented the type of apartment my then-boyfriend, now-husband Steve was living in when this happened: an old, dusty brick building with hallways that featured windows that don't open, worn carpeting, and the smell of shoes. The apartments themselves are usually one- or two-bedrooms, with hardwood floors, dinged-up walls, and bathrooms with tubs that have seen much better days. They're not modern at all, but they're roomy enough and they'll do from the ages of approximately 23 to 29. READ MORE

Unsolicited Endorsement: Doodle Dot Com

If there are at least two things having a group of girlfriends is good for, it’s fun get-togethers and having a full inbox. Because one cannot happen without the other. READ MORE

The Best Time I Drank My Friend's Contact Lenses

I spent my junior year of college studying in Italy in a program that encouraged us to travel as much as possible, so after a field trip to Naples, many of us made plans one weekend to tour southern Italy.  After seeing the ruined city of Pompeii, three friends and I checked into a hotel in Sorrento.  We were excited because our room, which had two sets of bunkbeds, had a miniature patio attached to it. My friend Chris and I posed for photos on said patio before we headed out to carouse with our other friends. READ MORE