So Long, Farewell

Well, dear readers, this is my final post on The Hairpin. Before I go, I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been to spend my days with all of you. There is no better group of people on the internet, and reading your clever comments, smart insights, and kind words has been one of the very best parts of this job. READ MORE

Don't Look a Gift Apartment in the Mouth

"These congratulatory apartments are often studios or small one-bedrooms, but on occasion they are bigger-ticket items." READ MORE

Chill Out, Eat Key Lime Pie

Summer is so warm and beautiful, and everything is all sun and fun. Bad things don’t happen during this glorious season. No one has time to be depressed or stressed because we’re all way too busy looking hot in sundresses and drinking fruity cocktails outside while our vitamin D levels soar. Right? Hahaha, nope! READ MORE

Man Uses Dentures to Free Himself, Becomes a Hero

I can't even pick out which of the many quotable quotes from this video is most adorable or bizarre, so I'm just going to tell you instead that the headline for the story was "READ MORE

Excuse Me, You Have Pink Splotches on Your Face

Some of us just figured out how to apply blush properly. Must we now master this crazy new trend?

And You Thought Spiders Were Bad...

"Ben and Amber Sessions bought the sprawling house for a song in 2009, but when they moved, in they discovered the house was infested with thousands of garter snakes. The ground outside the home sometime looked like it was moving, and the sound of snakes slithering through the walls kept them awake at night... Experts said the home was likely built on a winter snake sanctuary — called a hibernaculum — where snakes gather to hibernate for the winter." READ MORE

So! You Want to Get Married!

Are you one of those young woman whose head is constantly occupied with thoughts of finding — and keeping — a husband? Then there is no better place to turn than the pages of Dorothy Fremont Grant's 1947 book for young Catholic women, So! You Want to Get Married! It's chock full of advice for attracting the right type of boy and tips for playing the role of wife so well that he will never want to leave you, not even for his secretary. So! You want to take a look! READ MORE

Enough About Me, Let's Talk About You! What Do You Think of Me?

Is there some bit of personal information you're dying to know about your therapist? ("Why can't you stop yawning when I talk?") Well, you should just go ahead and ask them, after first asking if it's okay to ask them about themselves. Maybe they'll say yes, and then you'll have your answer, which you might not actually want to hear. ("Because I find your voice to be so soothing that I get sleepy when you drone on about your problems.") But, hey, at least you will know.

A Couch That Takes You All the Way to Heaven

Are you ever lying on the couch in the evening watching TV and you start getting drowsy and then maybe you fall into one of those weird half-sleeps and you have a dream where you’re at the nail salon getting a pedicure and this guy who works there starts shaving your leg except he’s not doing it right and you keep having to tell him how to do it and then he accidentally cuts you and then you wake up and you're annoyed but you’re still really sleepy, and, even though you know you should get up and go to bed, you just wish you could pass out right there on the couch, fully-clothed and with a dirty face and unwashed teeth? Well, now, thanks to this clever guy in Greece, you can do just that. You never have to get off the couch again. Ever. Just turn it into a bed and sleep peacefully right in your living room... until you eventually die of laziness, at which point you (or I guess whoever finds your body) can simply turn the couch into a handy coffin. Bing, bang, boom. You’re set for life. READ MORE

Gwyneth Wants You to Get It Together

"[Gwyneth] pointed at my tummy and said, 'What's going on here? I love you. Get it together.'" READ MORE