A Macabre Twist

If you’re like me, you watch a lot of TV and also, stop biting my style, it’s so desperate, everyone thinks you’re really desperate. READ MORE

Sometimes State Quarters...

1. Sometimes state quarters feature the ultra spooky Headed Horseman. (Delaware) READ MORE

Is Your Man a Scrub? Sinterklaas vs. Santa Claus

1. Real talk, ladies. Is your man racist? READ MORE

Is Your Man a Scrub? Davy Crockett vs. Daniel Boone

Ladies, does your man still insist on going by a diminutive version of his Christian name even though he is, from all outward appearances, a grown-ass man? READ MORE

Is Your Man a Scrub? Van Gogh vs. Gauguin

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Is Your Man a Scrub?: Meriwether Lewis vs. William Clark

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At the End of an Email, Everyone's a Valedictorian

Like most people, you probably stress over your choice of email sign-off more than most people. Everybody calm down. Here's a guide to help you navigate this treacherous channel of email etiquette: READ MORE

State Flag Trivia

1. Alaska’s flag was designed as part of a contest held in 1927, 30 years before the territory became a state. The winning submission was drawn by Benny Benson, a 13-year-old boy of mixed European and Aleut heritage. Like all cartoonishly named 13-year-old boys of that period, Benson lived in an orphanage and probably had a lot of moxie and spunk. As his reward, he received $1,000 toward a trip to Washington, D.C. to present the flag to President and fellow alliterate Calvin Coolidge, as well as a white gold pocket watch engraved with his design. While the Washington trip never transpired due to scheduling conflicts, Benson was able to apply the funds to his education at a diesel-engine repair school. The pocket watch, which he later donated to the Alaska state museum, was extremely boss. READ MORE

Sometimes State Flags...

1. Sometimes state flags run out of red marker before they're finished. (Tennessee) READ MORE