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Better Chipotle Cups

Selena, ‘Selena,’ and “Selenas”

Romy White and Michele Weinberger Are 45

Romy and Michele are 45. So is Christy Masters.

Romy And Michele Are 45. So Is Toby Walters.

Romy And Michele Are 45. So Is Heather Mooney.

A Bedtime Story

52 Weeks of Us Weekly

A Few of Their Favorite Things

10 Years, Actually: Harry & Karen, David & Natalie, John & Judy

10 Years, Actually: Billy & Joe, Juliet & Mark

10 Years, Actually: Colin & Harriet, Daniel & Sam

10 Years, Actually: Sarah & Karl, Jamie & Aurélia

10 Years, Actually: Rufus

10 Years, Actually

Friday Open Thread

Friday’s Movie Releases as Whitney Houston Lyrics

No One Vines Better Than Roseanne

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and the Reality of Astral Alignment

First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies: “Over the Counter”