Men With Binders (Full of Women?)


Women Shooting Virals

The popularity of women in swimwear shooting guns is both well known and easily explained. Men like women in swimwear. Men like guns. It's the surf-and-turf of testosterovisual stimulus. Not surprisingly, videos of attractive women in bikinis shooting guns are very popular (see above). READ MORE

The 10 Ashley Madison Banners You Meet Online

My wife just doesn't understand how reducing taxable income can be such a turn-on. By the way, according to the CDC there is a 12% chance you now have genital warts. READ MORE

The Best of Sexual Harassment Stock Photography

Previously: Women Laughing Alone With Salad.

Abe Sauer once worked at the place depicted in the last photo.

In Praise of the Title Nine Catalog Models

Starting with its very name, Title Nine is clearly shooting for some kind of women's advocacy position. The clothier's catalog and website are full of tangents on fitness and personal stories and recipes and feelings. Do I care about any of that? I do not. READ MORE