About Us and Submission Guidelines

Hello and welcome! The Hairpin is a women's website, and it's also a small tool for keeping your hair in place, and a kind of dramatic turn. For more information, stay on this page or slowly click through our entire archive — there's surely something back there to answer your questions.

More about us: The Hairpin is a general-interest blog, meaning we link to the stories of the day that appeal to us, and is a women's site insofar as it is run by women, features writing by women (and men), and is mostly read by women. We also feature original work from our contributors, in the form of text, video, illustration, and maybe eventually even media that hasn't been invented yet. If you'd like to submit original, unpublished content, please email submissions@thehairpin.com with 2-3 paragraphs outlining your essay or idea, and the draft attached as a Word or Google document. Please include either a working title or general idea in the email subject line. (If you don’t yet have a draft, a basic outline is fine.) We are always flexible on length. We are a small staff and apologize that we can't personally give feedback for each pitch we receive, but we will be in touch directly and promptly if your piece is a potential fit for the site. If you haven't heard from us in what you feel is a reasonable amount of time, please feel free to follow up on your original pitch.

The Hairpin pays contributors, but we also encourage writers to find a home for their work at top-paying publications and to take their ideas to those outfits first.

The Hairpin was founded in 2010 by Edith Zimmerman. It is now edited by Emma Carmichael and Jia Tolentino.

For advertising and other business-related inquires, please contact The Hairpin’s publisher at advertise@thehairpin.com.

Thanks for reading.