Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello Again.

Hello! I'm Haley, the third editor of The Hairpin. Today is my first "official" day, but since it's a holiday, I'm just posting my introduction, Jazmine's introduction, and then going back to bed. We – and by that I mean myself and all you beautiful, perfect, intelligent, well-dressed, nice-smelling Hairpin readers – will start for real tomorrow.

I've been reading The Hairpin since the very first day it launched, and actually did work here a few years ago as the promotions intern! I really know this site like the back of my very tiny, bedazzled hands. I promise to keep it the same place we all know and love, but also, I promise to keep trying new things, finding new writers, and publishing the best/weirdest/funniest stuff, the same way Edith and Emma always did.

If you have a question, an idea, feedback, pitches, suggestions, anything at all, please email me! If you're ever like "Hm, I wonder if I should say anything to Haley about this?" the answer is YES. Just get in touch.

Now get off your computer for the rest of today, but only today, because I expect to see you back here tomorrow and the day after that and for every day after that for ever and always.

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Hi! Just catching up because I was in a cabin in the woods over the Labor day weekend, but wanted to say "Yay!" and "Welcome!" V. excited to have a fresh crew. :)

isabelle bleu

Yay! Hello and welcome! Looking forward to some awesome reads :)


Hello! Yay! I can't wait to blame Canada for everything that goes wrong.


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Welcome! Is there anything you can do to fix the horrible spam commenting problem here? I refuse to comment on any posts (today being an exception) because I get dozens of spam emails from The Hairpin every day.


@Slutface Yup. I finally turned off notifications telling me when someone replies to my comments because I got sick of all the spam replies flooding my inbox (spam replies to comments I'd left months, maybe years ago). Not a good thing if you want to maintain a strong commenting presence, like the Hairpin used to have.

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