The Chainsmokers ft. Siren, “Kanye”

As far as I’m concerned, this track and the Knocks’s “Classic” fully comprise this summer’s missing wonderland of silly, irresistible, prismatically euphoric warm-weather jams. I am no huge fan of the Chainsmokers, but this track is horribly catchy and sort of beautiful: LA singer-songwriter duo Siren flips from Daughter-ish linen flutter to space candy Avril Lavigne (those ee-yeah-ee-yeahs) on the melody, and the go-stupid, Rainbow Road rave breakdown is better than anything EDM-inflected on the radio right now. And of course we wanna be like Kanye, the king of me, of course we do. I encourage everyone to get involved with this “Call Me Maybe” successor immediately, it’s almost the weekend, right?


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